Friday, July 28, 2006

How to make a chainsaw bear carving Part II

All righty now, You get to see the cool finished product in this section ~ You can see how huge this bear is in relation to normal humans, hubby is 6ft tall, & I took this pic from clear across the field.
This is a bare nekkid bear, planter style, waiting to get some color, eyes, hair, etc.

Dead bear lying in the field. (Cracked and sheared, oughta be firewood, but how do you bring yourself to chucking a bear into the fireplace? So here he lies, dead in the field. :-D)

Here's the biggest bear Hubby has done thus far (He's doing a five foot sun now, I will provide pics of that eventually, too.) This bear has been torched, but has not gotten sealed or finished yet.
Diggin' for gold ~ ;-D

Welcome /go-away bear, already for sale.
A cute moose.

A whole herd of little bitty bears ( about 2 ft tall), just waiting to get loaded onto the truck.

I love the bikini bears ~ aren't they cute in their itty-bitty yellow polka-dot bikini's?

And that's the rest of the story ~
Coming Up Next :
The 4th of July in My Town, USA. (They said we got over 98,000 people to this show, some speculations were over 120,000(hotel stats)!!! That's pretty darn good for a little town of 55,000!)


SafeTinspector said...

The massed forces of the wooden bears made terrifying progress as they cut through the hapless civilian population of Boulder on their way to Mile High Stadium
It was only then that they realized the weakness of their race when the butane lighter struck....

redhead83402 said...

hehehehehe~ Thanks for the laugh MrT, we had to laugh, hard!

Dr Maroon said...

Wooden bear with deathwatch beetle better than tin bear in thuderstorm.

The old man's pretty cool at the woodwork eh? I bet you don't have any squinty shelves or shoogly stuff from IKEA

Kim Ayres said...

That's really cool. Does he juggle chainsaws too? Might earn a few extra buck busking.