Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The secret hidden compartments chest

OOHH ~ doesn't that sound cool? Well, it IS! :-D

So this time I am going to write about a chest Tony made, though I don't have any in-progress pictures, since I was slacking and didn't get any. (You can call me a slacker, go ahead, I can take it!)

This is the chest; do you notice that lovely gi-NORMous purple ribbon? That is from the fair! That's right, he won Grand Champion this year at the Idaho State Fair!
All-righty, now a little bit about the chest, it has one large paper deck, with a little wooden latch ( supported by nice internal brass hardware, of course), one take out stash-all, with 3 compartments, (you can see the smaller divided one right under the purple ribbons ends), a separate base with a full size drawer, fitted side & bottom panels that will allow for expansion & retraction of wood ( will NEVER bind or distort), cabriole (french) feet, nice brass piano hinges & hardware, and a beautifully domed slatted lid, all done in alder, with black walnut accents.

AND , you might be wondering, all right, nice , so where are the secret compartments?

Well, I'll tell you what, I'll show you where at least ONE is, you see if you can figure out where the other three are. Here's a hint, all three other hidden compartments are actually shown in the pictures, just not revealed. So, they are built right into the design of the piece. hehehe, have fun!

This picture shows the fine detail work on the edges, those squares are called pins, they are actually little square pegs pounded into round holes (yup, that's where that saying comes from, and square pegs DO fit into round holes, there's proof! :-D). Notice the scroll cut edge protectors, done in walnut instead of brass. We thought this would look better, and I think it does, even with the pegs.

This picture shows the detail on the top of the base. Notice how the inset is cut to the EXACT measure of the scrolled edge protectors. Yes, there is a piece on the bottom of the chest as well, hence the chest can sit on the base, and it fits in perfectly, won't move about, because of the inset cut to directly match the bottom scrolled edge protector.

This picture shows off some of the beautiful wood grain. Tony took one long board, cut it fourths, glued the edges together, & viola!, funky grain right in the middle! (And by the way, NONE of this is made from plywood, veneers, or anything else, ONLY pure wood!)

This photo shows inside, you can't really see it, but the catch-all is supported by two pieces of wood that exactly match the handles of the catch-all, enabling it to be taken in & out easily. We placed it on the same side as the paper deck to minimize overstuffing.

Here you can see the paper deck lowered, and I think if you click on this picture, ( or any of them) it should enlarge enough to see the strong brass hardware supporting the deck. You can also see the firm contruction of the slatted domed lid, making it safe & strong enough to be sat upon. ( I know, I know, but someone ALWAYS sits on a chest, even a dome topped one, I don't know, why, it's like chests have some sort of invisible butt glue magnetism to them, they draw even the most innocent to park their weary butts.)

In this photo you can clearly see the base, with its full size drawer and the detail work on the lid of it. In fact, this base is so nice, it could be used as a separate piece of furniture entirely. (You know, one of those nice, low coffee tables.)

Aha!, and FINALLY, now you get to see ONE of the hidden compartments REVEALED! (Try hard not to notice the shoe & sock on the floor in the back ground, ok? :-D) This secret compartment is large enough to hold an oversized journal, plus a pen, and a few other goodies. It is a catch mechanism, and needs a certain type of key to open it. There are, as previously stated, THREE other secret compartments in this chest. Can you guess where they might be?

I hope you have all enjoyed this little foray into our project ~ I think the next topic is going to be all about the making of a chainsaw mask. Maybe, heheheh, some of you know my desparate attempts to write, and how I often procrastinate the dailyness. I think I just have to admit it, I am only a semi-blogger. A Part-timer. Alas, a blogger wannabe! :-D


marcio said...

Bravo Again!

SafeTinspector said...

That thing is AMAZING! How much would your hubby charge for an Idaho state fair winning mystery chest? $5,000? $10,000?

redhead83402 said...

Mr T, actually, not so bad as all that ~ Several people have told him he should charge around $7K, but he says naaahh... that's ridiculous, the price hovers around $2,700 to $3,500, depending on the wood type, finish, carvings included, style & design, etc.

Anonymous said...

How many of these has he sold? How many hours of labor does it represent?

redhead83402 said...

Mr T, thank you for your interest! It took him over a month the first time, he's a bit faster now :-) ~ He has made 100's of pieces of furniture, however, no 2 have ever been the same, that is the joy of working with wood, designing ideas, and artfully constructing them.

If you are interested in a becoming the proud owner of an heirloom, or have a project in mind, we would be happy to accomodate you and help you realize your vision, we would love to help your ideas become a reality.

Check out the website,( http://www.carvingman.com ) he has finished a couple of new carving projects as well! (Do I sound like an billboard or what? ;-D)

SafeTinspector said...

I gots no moneys, RedHead! I'd love to 'loom it up, but my middle classness is showing. Still, I'd love to command an army of wooden bears in a campaign of global conquest...

Around My Kitchen Table said...

My Dearly Beloved is a cabinet-maker but is sadly lacking on the home front. He started refitting our bathroom FIVE YEARS AGO and it's still not finished! He's made some beautiful pieces of furniture - all for other people. Still, it helps keep the wolf from the door and he does have lots and lots of good qualities. I love your blog, by the way - extremely entertaining.

Lancelot said...

is there anyway you could send me the plans for this chest? I don't want to use it for anything other than personal purposes for the woman I love, and this is exactly the sort of thing I've been looking for. You have my word that I wouldn't disperse the blueprints to anyone - i've no reason to.

my e-mail is lanceschaubert@gmail.com

thanks for your time.

redhead83402 said...

Lancelot ~ Wood Genius has actually never considered the possibility of selling shop drawings or templates as a sideline, as he really doesn't want to put a whole lot of time into detailed explanations of things.

His projects are very much made to each customer's specifications, & therefore each piece is truly one of a kind. Most of our customers enjoy the fact that no-one else will ever own the exact same piece that they have comissioned. This is the nature of custom work.

As he designs all the work that he does, there are no actual "Plans". The shop drawings & templates that he has for a project are basically notes pertaining to that particular project, and would be very difficult for general public use.