Friday, October 14, 2005

Jib Jab, Walmart, & the Grand Scheme of Things

This version is great for adults,
Be sure to watch the one called ~This land ~ as well, it will crack you up~~

If you want a kid-friendly version, I suggest Madame Blueberry, put out by VeggieTales.

Madame Blueberry goes to ~Stuff Mart~ and fills her house up so full it BURSTS & topples over ~

And as Americans, we really need to reign in that ever-looming desire to ACQUIRE & OWN.
How many people do you know that actually ENJOY all the crap they accumulate? I find that I have so much crap, it would take MONTHS of endless WORK to actually USE everything I own. When does it stop being something we NEED and start being something we WANT? I'm not saying I don't like to get a bargain, and I fully admit to shopping at the Great Wally-World myself, but where is the line? How much is truly NECESSARY, and how much is FILLER? Do we all have it so easy, and is time so inconsequential to us that we have to fill it up doing INANE half-projects that produce nothing but dust-collecting CRAP?

more macro shots... Roses by any other name

This is a day lily I caught on its way out ~ I love the hot fiery colors and the perfection of layout ~ Who but God could create something so lovely?

Here is a tiny green spider, living in the petals of a rose ~ sort of romantic, isn't it? And yet, I bet he's dead now, since the frost came, and the roses are gone ~ the cycle of life must include death, even for little creatures like him.

I love the way the light refracts off of these natural lavender pearls ~ so many oysters worked so hard to make these~Here's a quicky little note of interest ~ a great way to tell if a pearl is real or not ~ rub it on your teeth, if it slides, its a fake-a-roony, if it's sorta gritty feeling, it's REAL. That gritty feeling comes from a whole bunch of little micro-crystalline structures, which is what makes up the nacre of the pearl, and that's what makes it so pretty, and full of luster. And of course, real pearls are cool, cuz they came from a living animal, and in fact, only oysters can make that nacre, man still hasn't figured it out. ( Well, hey, what do we need to figure it out for if we can get oysters to do it for us, double time?) Did you know that some oysters can produce up to 60 pearls at a time? Course, it takes a while, but when they are done, there's a load of them! Pretty cool huh? That's why I have a nasty little pearl addiction too! ;-D