Monday, April 23, 2007

WOW Visitor # 5000 !!!

Well, folks, Visitor # 5000 just came by today, and I was happy. Visitor #5000, from Taree, New South Wales, I just want to thank you for being that special #5000! You only stayed a scant 20 seconds, but hey, that's ok, everybody has choices to make, and if speediness or brevity was yours, well, my blog does not lend easily to it. You are forgiven. In Fact, you are HERALDED, because of course, you are #5000! Happy Day, #5000, may the blogging authorities that be overlook your whims and grace you with blogging ease!
A Moment of Silence.......
Go in peace, O #5000
into the blogging world afar~
drift not into My Space Spheres
Be at peace with your Google Account~
Use search often
& remember,
were once heralded as the great

A special smile from me, to you.
May you ~#5000~ have a lovely day.
Always remember who you are.
You are #5000~