Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Another lousy poetic moment best left in the annals of history for other experimental poets

Well, I think it's plain to see that poetry can be both beneficial AND detrimental, all in one fell swoop. Thanks to my previous heinous examples, no-one in HISTORY need repeat my haiku-limeric meshing experiments. See? I have already left my feeble mark on mankind. O Joy~ Strange, I think i feel another taste of poetry at my lips.
Oh dear. I believe I shall take a small break, come back with some hot chicken & rice soup, and see if I can swoosh that taste right outta my mouth.

Oh Dear ~
It isn't going away.

Mighty tasty soup, though. hmmmmmm

I know a place wherein resides
a well-placed poem, & besides,
some haiku-limeric mess derides.

O Constant Poem rule divine,
If I seek thee not, I am bovine,
therefore here-after I shall be thine.

I'll falter not, and recklessly rhyme,
nay, nay, I say, ~Pendamic Time~
From here on out, O Thee I'll mime.

For who can say of those wise old fathers
that made up poem rules bothers
to lift the chaos souls of others.

For from continent to continent
those poem styles seem quite content
to stand alone & represent.

So I suppose, in the end,
Unless I Deaf to be pretend,
I cannot mesh them without end.

And thus this little poem goes,
and yes it warms me to my toes,
oh hang it.... that's the soup, I knows.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

I advise against poetic meshing ~ it leads to sad messes, pathetic attempts at that new ~chaos theory~

OOOHHH BBEEAAAUUTTIIFFULLL for SPPAAAYYYYY-shus skies.....all righty then, boys and girls, old ladies and pandering males of all ages ~ GUESS WHATTTTT???? Oh HALLL-AAAYYYYY- LOOOOOO- YAh! The fall carnival is over, the fall carnival is over, weee-haa! Yayyyy RAH! Go ME! And my fundraising chair! Especially her! she ROCKETH, my friends, she truly ROCKETH!! WWWAAHOOOOOOOOOO! All right ~ well, wow-ee-ka-zow-eee ~ cuz yah see, THAT was a MAJOR deal, and now it is OVER. We had a HUGE turn-out, and made thousands of dinero's y peso's me amigos! Which is TRES BON, tre bon! AND, we got coverage on our local tv channel AND newspaper!! YEAAAHHHHHHH! PTO lives again ~

Ok, so, there resides in all of us a touch of suburbia, and lo & behold, it hath reared it's mundane head, roared it's mighty roar, and consumed it's pithy members. Now the only major events left of this year is our Scholastic Book Fair and the Dec. Teacher Appreciation Dinner. And I love the book fair ~ I get to pick out my favorite books, and dress up and go read them to the kids with ~accents~.
This may just call for a pithy, mundane suburbia-ish haiku... I seem to be haiku-ing a lot lately. Perhaps a limeric. Perhaps a haiku-ish limeric, or a limeric-ish haiku...

Here, the PTO,
Asking for your money-O
Hand out-stretch'd for-e'er.

Begging Happily,
Adding funds to school coffers
Taking all offers.

Happy are we-O
Off to the school we go-O
Singing Merrily.

The Staff loves us So,
We bring them donuts-O-O
This Haiku sucketh!

Ok, so, maybe that's why poets of old never bothered to mesh those two styles. I can see it was an utter fiasco. However, I must leave these sad examples here for future poets who may have similar dis-illusioned plans of mesh-ment.
Don't do it, I say, don't be tempted by the dark side of chaos poetry. It's all a bitter LIE.. ALAS, there must be SOME rules, or you TOO will end up with poopy for poetry. (check out that illiteration, I may be tempted that way as well some day)
Ah me, ah me.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Well THAT sucked ~ Haiku to my computer & the sucky battery

Maann, I am SO bummed! I wrote up a whole blog on my new laptop, and the battery hadn't charged the whole way, so it was plugged in, and the plug came out, and as a result, I LOST it ALL, because i didn't have it saved~ AARRGGGGGGHHHHHH, what IRRITATION! This irritation is worse than a butt-rash caused by over-zelous use of Charmin, folks. This irritation surpasses a nasty case of scaby-infested, swollen, allergy-ridden misery. In fact, this irritation borders on the down right spiced-curry-Kashmiri Dum Aloo effects coupled with IBS on a sweaty hot day in the middle of August!
AAARRGGHHHHH ~ the blue screen of death has heard me woeful cries, and it does not answer. Tears drop on the $200+ piece of living plastic now reduced to stone.
My naval umbilical to the www has been severed and hung to dry in the winds of ~unsaved data~.
My commemorating haiku ~

In the wind flutters
my data. Say goodbye to
the last three hours.

fear not, O Blogger,
all is not lost as of yet ~
you are still breathing.

The Noh of Data Death
has once again removed
all traces of thought.

Upon retrospect
I have wasted more time on
less important things.

Like writing haiku
to recall poor habits of
battery usage.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Prelude to a blog or ~Oh Vote, my people, VOTE!~

All right, It is 1:40 am. Later on this morning, I am going to go down to the school ( from 7 am to 9 pm) & help out with the whole elections deal. This is my first time doing it, and I am pretty sure it's gonna be a *Greyhound Bus* moment. You know what I mean, all the strangest people in the world, collected before you, in this one little moment in time. When I get done, it's gonna be a ~Sit-&-watch-all-the-funny-people-go-by~ EXTRAVAGANZA! I'm even gonna take notes. So when you go to vote tomorrow, know that I am sitting there, watching you all file past me, taking notes on your strangeness, all for my future blogging pleasure. And you know what? I am HAPPY to perform this little *civil service*. :-D See yah all in a few hours!!!

Friday, November 04, 2005

It's a great day for a redhead

HAH! well, I got the dang thing onto my blog, but it doesn't want to go onto my profile ~ what's up with that, anyway? Oh well, so much for a zippy little blog entry today. I'm trying, rand,lol, but 15 minutes is SHORT SHRIFT when you need 10 of it to make one cognizant thought.

obsessive compulsive redhead

Yes, yes, it's TRUE ~ I have a slight obsessive -compulsive issue from time to time ~ some people think it has to do with the red hair, others think it may just be a personality defect. I think it depends with whom you are talking to & about. Since I am just talking to me, however, I am gonna take a little ~authoritative liberty~ and say, it's probably a real asset. Well, I mean, in SOME ways.

All right, moment of truth here ~ who really reads this blog? not too many people. Probably just MAYbeeee HOPEFULLY no one that knows me personally. By that I mean that lives down the street from me. Or even in the same town. SOOooooooo......................

I think that gives me license to be completely honest. Totally lay the cards face up on the table. No holds barred. Below the belt acceptable. It's ALL good.

Laid bare the soul for all to see
What's going on inside of me~
Tragic, comic, ghastly grand,
Foul or sweet, spastic bland
This little limeric a tale doth tell
A rumbling gut producing smell~

ok ~ I digressed slightly there. That was just to blow off some steam. My poetic license was actually just revoked, due to poor 6th grade style rhyming efforts.

About that obsessive compulsive issue~ it has it's good sides, and it's detrimental effects as well. we can call them pro's & con's.

Pro~ heavy tendency to *collect*
Con~ house full of crap
Pro~ at least it's mostly interesting crap
Con~ There's a heck of a lot of it
Pro~unavoidable desire to constantly write
Con~ most of that writing is stupid ramblings
Pro~ At least then I am not speaking it out loud
Con~ you wouldn't know that to talk to my husband
Pro~ strong need to manipulate others
Con~ They made me the PTO president
Pro~ I get to meet more people to manipulate
Con~ some of them aren't as manipulatable as I'd like
Pro~ Overwhelming urge to make zillions of friends
Con~ Trying to keep said friends straight
Pro~ they usually will correct me
Con~ it's embarrassing to forget
Pro~ Keen craving to sell sell sell
Con~ while researching items, tend to buy buy buy
Pro~ do make good money
Con~ gets spent on the buy buy buy
Pro~Racking Voracity to read
Con~ you can waste a lottttt of time reading
Pro~ some of it can be really useful information