Saturday, January 28, 2006

Well I'll be, I've been TAGGED!

El B has done tagged me, so I guess I better step up my daily efforts of witticism and frittery.

Seven Movies I like

~The Princess Bride
~The Sandlot
~Matrix ( the 1st one)
~All of the Star Wars movies
~Anything with Patrick Stewart, Sean Connery, or Val Kilmer in it.
~The Sound Of Music
~My Fair Lady
~and any Alfred Hitchcock movies
(oops, that's 10... oh well)

Seven Books I Like

~All James Clavell novels (Shogun, King Rat, Whirlwind, etc)
~Anything by David Brinn (The Postman, Earth, 2nd Foundation series, Startide Rising, etc)
~The Complete works (includes The old and New Testament, Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price & D & C)
~Gardening books ( especially if there are lots of glossies!)
~Documentary books on ancient civilizations
~Lucifer's Hammer
~Anything by Isaac Asimov (I, Robot, Caves of Steel, etc)
~Jane Eyre, Great Expectations, etc
(oh dear, that's 9... well, I'm getting better)

Seven Things I Say

~Holy Hannah~
cool beans
Boy howdy
much grass
Please, Thank you, and Excuse me
~Good Grief~
Dang it all anyway
(well, only 8 this time..)

Seven Things that attract me to the City

~So many different people ( i love to watch people)
~So many different cultures
~Fantastic SHOPPING ( that was a no-brainer ;-D )
~Architecture & sculpture
~Huge Museums & art galleries
~Extremely diverse food/restaraunts
~Just plain all the diversity ~ I LOVE it!
(WOoHOo... on target!)

Seven Things to do Before I die

~Visit china (ok, the whole world, I want to see the whole WORLD, muahahahah)
~Have grandbabies
~finish the 3 books I am writing
~Succeed at something (ANYthing!)
~be completely at ease financially, spiritually, mentally (not necessarily wealthy, guru & a genius, just at ease)
~Leave my children and posterity with a legacy of love, knowledge, & opportunity
~go on a mission in my old age

Seven Things I Can't Do

~abide the ~F~ word
~abide leaners and whiners (can't do attitude) (yah, I know, i'm a hypocrite, I whine occasionally myself.. still, whining sucks)
~seem to regain that waif-like figure of so many yrs ago
~get any taller that 5' nuthin
~change other people's opinions/actions/words
~stop being a mother
~look back ~ hindsight is always 20/20, history shapes us, the present makes us, and the future takes us, cleanses us, every day is a fresh new day.

Seven People to Tag

~ooohh aayyeee ~ me thinks el B has done all the tagging~
Lindy, I tag you
and uhhmmm
hey, I know, this will be a REVERSE TAG ~ any lurkers out there, come THITHER, I have tagged you, ( In the comments section, let me know if you have accepted your tagging)