Friday, February 08, 2008

P.E. ~ Homeschool style

(Buried by the bloggernots)

Ahhhh ~ time to blog again, I see. Once again I have managed to neglect my blogger-duties for a month and a half run ~

The truth is, homeschooling takes a heck of a lot of time!

Yup, that's my excuse this time ~ That's my ssstory & Aaahhhhh'm sssstickin' to it!

(Can't get that song out of your head, now, can yah? heheh, you see how I have effectively diverted all derogatory, impure thoughts of a slacking blogger to a catchy little tune that deflects naughtiness & slyly imposes cathartic rationalization :-D... ain't I clever?)

(digging oneself out of the pit)

So we've had a lot of snow lately...... and my kids were complaining that it just plain wasn't fair that all the other PUBLIC SCHOOL kids were getting snow days, and O~Woe is them~ homeschool kids just don't seem to NEED snow days.......

In my infinite mother-wisdom, I thought up a brilliant plan ~ pretend you're at Valley Forge,
& you have to make up embankments, forts, and other hasty, snowy living quarters ~ & thus,

the grandDaddy of all Snow Forts was born.

See the cars in the background? This is some SERIOUS snow. Well, for US, anyway. Now, I know the Canadians & Alaskans have us licked, but for Idaho, we're doin' perty dern gewd.

So this is how my kids spend their recesses & P.E.'s ~ homeschool style. Amazingly enough, not a single child was punished for kicking snow, throwing snowballs, sliding down the snow piles, making a fort, or even picking up ice.
~Behind the scenes story: Last year, when my kids were still in public school, my son was walking along at recess one day, tripped on a bit of ice, and ~get this~ actually got punished for kicking up a bit of snow on his way down. Yes, it's true, they punished him for kicking up snow as he fell on the ice. Playground duty nazi's. To make the punishment all the more *memorable*, those dear lovely people then made my son stand against a shaded cold brick wall and do nothing in 13 degree weather, because he was such a sinner in kicking up that bit of snow as he fell. Couldn't even move to keep his body warm. Came home with a cold. Yes, that was just about the last straw. ~

We have grown to not only love, but truly EMBRACE, homeschooling. The level of agency, joy, freedom, & positive education has risen to such heights! We could never go back, not physically, not mentally.
Yes, it's time-consuming; yes, it's far more intensive; yes, some days it's even a struggle ~ but oh ~ the rewards are so much the greater. One day, I believe I will post the essays my kids wrote about homeschool, but for now, a little ode ( yes, yes, I know, I am waxing ode-ious, tut, tut).
A Little Ode
Who can say the joy, who can say the gain
who can see the difference, in a child's world again?
To be a little one, to live those years once more
to look into the past, and see the future's store.
Ah, the joy of learning, of seeing each new thing,
Ah the simple delight, of a butterfly on the wing.
The wonder in her eyes, as she sees her garden grow,
the awe upon his face, as he gains new things to know.
Did I really *teach* them anything new today?
Or did I simply open a new page along the way~
a path they can trod down, if only they should wish it
a tome of life exploring, such knowledge to transmit!
For in the end I know tis true, I do not educate them,
instead they educate themselves, & cut their own fair gem.
Indeed I often see, in moments dear & merry
each child a bright young jewel, their own self lapidary.
For who can cut upon the face, such brilliant shine & luster
Than the own sweet child himself, as much as he can muster.
Yes, The fire to learn flares deep within,
'tis not a thing I do,
but rather what light I might reflect,
upon the mind therein.
~C. G.
I know it doesn't rhyme so hot, but it's 2:30 in the am,
(That'sssss my sssstory, & Aaahh'mm ssstickin' to it!)