Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Eensy weensy spider crawled out the rose petal

Doc Maroon, here is that wee spider pic, as well as a few others. Hope you all enjoy them.
Macro-photography has been one of my interests from time to time, so if you all like them, perhaps I might post a few more here and there, eh?

Also, if you click on the pics, you will get a larger version, which look better, in my humblest of opinions ~

more macro shots... Roses by any other name

This is a day lily I caught on its way out ~ I love the hot fiery colors and the perfection of layout ~ Who but God could create something so lovely? (yes, El B, I am Christian, hate me if you must, it's ok, I'll still love your hairy little heart ~ ;-P)

Here is a tiny green spider, living in the petals of a rose ~ sort of romantic, isn't it? And yet, I bet he's dead now, since the frost came, and the roses are gone ~ the cycle of life must include death, even for little creatures like him.

I love the way the light refracts off of these natural lavender pearls ~ so many oysters worked so hard to make these~Here's a quicky little note of interest ~ a great way to tell if a pearl is real or not ~ rub it on your teeth, if it slides, its a fake-a-roony, if it's sorta gritty feeling, it's REAL. That gritty feeling comes from a whole bunch of little micro-crystalline structures, which is what makes up the nacre of the pearl, and that's what makes it so pretty, and full of luster. And of course, real pearls are cool, cuz they came from a living animal, and in fact, only oysters can make that nacre, man still hasn't figured it out. ( Well, hey, what do we need to figure it out for if we can get oysters to do it for us, double time?) Did you know that some oysters can produce up to 60 pearls at a time? Course, it takes a while, but when they are done, there's a load of them! Pretty cool huh? That's why I have a nasty little pearl addiction too! ;-D

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Well I'll be, I've been TAGGED!

El B has done tagged me, so I guess I better step up my daily efforts of witticism and frittery.

Seven Movies I like

~The Princess Bride
~The Sandlot
~Matrix ( the 1st one)
~All of the Star Wars movies
~Anything with Patrick Stewart, Sean Connery, or Val Kilmer in it.
~The Sound Of Music
~My Fair Lady
~and any Alfred Hitchcock movies
(oops, that's 10... oh well)

Seven Books I Like

~All James Clavell novels (Shogun, King Rat, Whirlwind, etc)
~Anything by David Brinn (The Postman, Earth, 2nd Foundation series, Startide Rising, etc)
~The Complete works (includes The old and New Testament, Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price & D & C)
~Gardening books ( especially if there are lots of glossies!)
~Documentary books on ancient civilizations
~Lucifer's Hammer
~Anything by Isaac Asimov (I, Robot, Caves of Steel, etc)
~Jane Eyre, Great Expectations, etc
(oh dear, that's 9... well, I'm getting better)

Seven Things I Say

~Holy Hannah~
cool beans
Boy howdy
much grass
Please, Thank you, and Excuse me
~Good Grief~
Dang it all anyway
(well, only 8 this time..)

Seven Things that attract me to the City

~So many different people ( i love to watch people)
~So many different cultures
~Fantastic SHOPPING ( that was a no-brainer ;-D )
~Architecture & sculpture
~Huge Museums & art galleries
~Extremely diverse food/restaraunts
~Just plain all the diversity ~ I LOVE it!
(WOoHOo... on target!)

Seven Things to do Before I die

~Visit china (ok, the whole world, I want to see the whole WORLD, muahahahah)
~Have grandbabies
~finish the 3 books I am writing
~Succeed at something (ANYthing!)
~be completely at ease financially, spiritually, mentally (not necessarily wealthy, guru & a genius, just at ease)
~Leave my children and posterity with a legacy of love, knowledge, & opportunity
~go on a mission in my old age

Seven Things I Can't Do

~abide the ~F~ word
~abide leaners and whiners (can't do attitude) (yah, I know, i'm a hypocrite, I whine occasionally myself.. still, whining sucks)
~seem to regain that waif-like figure of so many yrs ago
~get any taller that 5' nuthin
~change other people's opinions/actions/words
~stop being a mother
~look back ~ hindsight is always 20/20, history shapes us, the present makes us, and the future takes us, cleanses us, every day is a fresh new day.

Seven People to Tag

~ooohh aayyeee ~ me thinks el B has done all the tagging~
Lindy, I tag you
and uhhmmm
hey, I know, this will be a REVERSE TAG ~ any lurkers out there, come THITHER, I have tagged you, ( In the comments section, let me know if you have accepted your tagging)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


My post today is very simple. I decided to go ahead and include one of my real poems, just to see what ya'all thought.


A book in a woman's hands
is a beautiful thing to see ~
a lady reading nightly
to a child at her knee.

Teaching generations
of scholars yet to come,
the joy of forever learning ~
ne'er beneath an ignorant thumb.

For in that child's eyes
is the light of yesteryear,
the joy of present tales,
and the promise of futures near.

And the hopes that there are fostered,
and the vision that is seen
by the child nightly kneeling
makes the woman a royal queen.

For she bestows the love
of adventure, knowledge and light
upon that kneeling child,
each and every night.

~Cara Mia~

Monday, January 02, 2006

Ode To a New Year

WEEELLLLLL, it's been a bit since I took up the blog, I must admit. This whole holiday thingy does have it's definite downside..... one DOES get enTIREly busy. However, since it's all in fun, what the heck, eh?

Basically, I have spent a disgusting amount of time playing this Xbox snowboarding game called Amped2. Other than that, I also finished a chest (YEAHHHHHH RAHHH - WA- ROONey!!) that my husband has built some time ago, which was a HUGEE deal! Yes, I know, how annoying to have to read so dang many !!'s !! ;-D It makes it seems as though some Botox-injected female with high plucked eyebrows and gi-NORM-ous teeth is standing there yelling out in a smily voice 24/7.

I know. I am not immune to that impression. But still, YEAAAHH!!!
I AM happy to have finished that sucker. It has 4 main compartments, a drawer, ( in the base) and also 4 secret compartments, and is made out of walnut & alder, stained in clear coat, to enhance the wood grain. I'll take some pics and post it on here someday soon ( maybe tomorrow, but I wouldn't bet on it, I never was one for schedules).

At any rate, I also spent an inordinate amount of time making those blasted ~goodie trays~ up. You know, the ones with 30 bazillion different kinds of holiday sugar bomb infested delicacies, meant to let everyone know what a diverse & talented cook you are ( too bad it only comes around once a yr, AND you only get one little piece of each thing...not to mention the fact that each tiny morsel is destined to hang off your left hip and inner right thigh in a MOST unbecoming fashion for the next 7 yrs..... yah, too bad about THAT).

And then there is always the wrapping.. did you ever think to yourself at 4 am Christmas morning that truly wrapping paper is one of the biggest dupes out there for these joyous holiday events? You spend all stinkin' NIGHT wrapping those little gifts up, for the delight and thrills of youthful hearts, only to have it ripped off in 2 seconds flat, no 2nd thoughts ( nay, narry a FIRST thought!!) about it... I dunno, call me slightly jaded...

However, I WILL say this ~
It does me ol' 'eart good to see me wee little babes shriekin' with such joy an 'appiness come 5:15 in the blessed morn....

all right all right, so I suck at accents ( little kids don't know this , however, you can tell them the worst cockney/irish/scottish/aussie/kiwi mixture of accents is STRAIGHT ITALIAN, they don't have a clue...)

HAHAHHH! Guess what ELSE??? I ALSO got some more jewelry finished, got MOST of the way done painting my son's bedroom, AND went to the dentist! Woo hoo!!
Bet yah didn't know my life was so full of thrills, chills, and heavy spills, eh?

I heard SOME people got to go SKIING over the break.. lucky dogs...( doc E, I believe that was you ~ I am so jealous, I can TASTE IT!) And a whole BUTT-LOAD of you all got steaming SMASHED ~ not so jealous there, I like to know what business I am up too,, hehehe BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahhhh....

So, all in all, it was a great holiday, with some tedium, some fun, and some serious couch potato moments.

NOW ~ for the New Year, I decided I ought to make up a few resolutions, since that seems to be the whole OBJECT of even bothering to NOTATE a ~new~ year.. well, to me , anyway...
so here goes:

Ode To A New Year

O Joy, tis New Year's Day again,
When I am fat, but whist be thin~
When all those projects, new & old
Rear their ugly heads so bold

And cry repentance to mine ear
~O Foolish woman,Come hither near!
Draw close and see what has been cast
to lie in dusty bins at last

Those scrap book scraps, and pictures too
The stickery things and hardened glue,
The mounds of cloth & spools of thread
piled up the ceiling, towering o'er my head.

The bitty beads and pretty pearls,
paper dolls, and little girls,
baby clothes, and blanket flannel
a piece of sheetrock and an old wood panel,

That savings account I've overdrawn,
the leaves still gracing my snowy lawn,
the window upstairs that just got broken
That fire that constantly needs a stokin',

The other bedroom I never painted,
the grandmother I promised to get be-Sainted,
the rings I was supposed to put on Ebay,
The blogs I shoulda wrote every day,

that extra 10 pounds hanging off my left cheek,
the laundry I put off for nigh unto 3 weeks,
the cat pan, full of piles & clumps,
That dang water heater that ought be at the dump,

These are things that haunt me anew
the resolutions of yesteryear,
begging me to still do,

And now I need new ones,
New goals to achieve,
Cuz the old ones sucked badly,
I do believe.

Unfortunately, there's a small stipulation,
My brain's hanging on to the old computation,

It's positive that I've gained something new~
A whole DANG new Year with a Butt-Load to do!