Friday, November 04, 2005

It's a great day for a redhead

HAH! well, I got the dang thing onto my blog, but it doesn't want to go onto my profile ~ what's up with that, anyway? Oh well, so much for a zippy little blog entry today. I'm trying, rand,lol, but 15 minutes is SHORT SHRIFT when you need 10 of it to make one cognizant thought.

obsessive compulsive redhead

Yes, yes, it's TRUE ~ I have a slight obsessive -compulsive issue from time to time ~ some people think it has to do with the red hair, others think it may just be a personality defect. I think it depends with whom you are talking to & about. Since I am just talking to me, however, I am gonna take a little ~authoritative liberty~ and say, it's probably a real asset. Well, I mean, in SOME ways.

All right, moment of truth here ~ who really reads this blog? not too many people. Probably just MAYbeeee HOPEFULLY no one that knows me personally. By that I mean that lives down the street from me. Or even in the same town. SOOooooooo......................

I think that gives me license to be completely honest. Totally lay the cards face up on the table. No holds barred. Below the belt acceptable. It's ALL good.

Laid bare the soul for all to see
What's going on inside of me~
Tragic, comic, ghastly grand,
Foul or sweet, spastic bland
This little limeric a tale doth tell
A rumbling gut producing smell~

ok ~ I digressed slightly there. That was just to blow off some steam. My poetic license was actually just revoked, due to poor 6th grade style rhyming efforts.

About that obsessive compulsive issue~ it has it's good sides, and it's detrimental effects as well. we can call them pro's & con's.

Pro~ heavy tendency to *collect*
Con~ house full of crap
Pro~ at least it's mostly interesting crap
Con~ There's a heck of a lot of it
Pro~unavoidable desire to constantly write
Con~ most of that writing is stupid ramblings
Pro~ At least then I am not speaking it out loud
Con~ you wouldn't know that to talk to my husband
Pro~ strong need to manipulate others
Con~ They made me the PTO president
Pro~ I get to meet more people to manipulate
Con~ some of them aren't as manipulatable as I'd like
Pro~ Overwhelming urge to make zillions of friends
Con~ Trying to keep said friends straight
Pro~ they usually will correct me
Con~ it's embarrassing to forget
Pro~ Keen craving to sell sell sell
Con~ while researching items, tend to buy buy buy
Pro~ do make good money
Con~ gets spent on the buy buy buy
Pro~Racking Voracity to read
Con~ you can waste a lottttt of time reading
Pro~ some of it can be really useful information