Thursday, November 10, 2005

Well THAT sucked ~ Haiku to my computer & the sucky battery

Maann, I am SO bummed! I wrote up a whole blog on my new laptop, and the battery hadn't charged the whole way, so it was plugged in, and the plug came out, and as a result, I LOST it ALL, because i didn't have it saved~ AARRGGGGGGHHHHHH, what IRRITATION! This irritation is worse than a butt-rash caused by over-zelous use of Charmin, folks. This irritation surpasses a nasty case of scaby-infested, swollen, allergy-ridden misery. In fact, this irritation borders on the down right spiced-curry-Kashmiri Dum Aloo effects coupled with IBS on a sweaty hot day in the middle of August!
AAARRGGHHHHH ~ the blue screen of death has heard me woeful cries, and it does not answer. Tears drop on the $200+ piece of living plastic now reduced to stone.
My naval umbilical to the www has been severed and hung to dry in the winds of ~unsaved data~.
My commemorating haiku ~

In the wind flutters
my data. Say goodbye to
the last three hours.

fear not, O Blogger,
all is not lost as of yet ~
you are still breathing.

The Noh of Data Death
has once again removed
all traces of thought.

Upon retrospect
I have wasted more time on
less important things.

Like writing haiku
to recall poor habits of
battery usage.