Friday, February 18, 2011

1920's Doll & Children's Clothes ~ Again!

All right, here are a few of the promised outfits.  This is the 1929 Panty Frock.  I used a vintage cotton print fabric with cotton broadcloth contrast, vintage bias, and small pearl shell buttons.

This little apron is the 1927 Slip-On Apron with Pleat Detail.  I am not altogether happy with the total length, and so will alter the pattern again to make it longer.  It is made of vintage pink broadcloth and calico, with vintage blue piping, and pearl shell buttons.

This little 1927 Polly Ann Apron is made of vintage yellow cotton, cotton broadcoth contrast, and vintage bias.  I think I would prefer this to be a little fuller as well. 

 And here is a knitted cap, in vintage sport weight wool, to match her Panty Frock. 

I am working on making the Coat right now, as well as some spat tights with buttons on the sides.
I am also making some new patterns up for some other dresses, coats, bonnets, and such.

Lately I have also been looking into vintage swimsuits.  As my daughters all need some cute modest swimsuits for this summer, I have decided to make up some cute 1940's to 1950's styles for them.  I have been researching them, obtained a few vintage catalogs with pictures, and I think I can reproduce some very cute examples for the girls.  I believe I will make them more of a sunsuit, out of light cotton, lined for modesty, and so that they won't drag unattractively when wet. 

Pictures of those coming soon.