Thursday, August 30, 2007

polyacrylamides Science Fun (or gushy colored diaper crystals )

Yup, that's right ~ our science experiment was all about gushy diaper crystals! Of course, we don't have anyone in diapers anymore, so we just went to the store and got a bunch of these little science experiment kits, and they were cooler, anyway, cuz they were COLORED in bright pink, orange, blue & yellow.

Izzy presented the science experiment, ( dig his funky whiteboard drawings! ;-D)

everyone had fun *growing* them,

& we learned that polyacrylamides can get REALLY BIG!!!
See that little petri dish the crystals are all crowded into in this pic? Well, Kat took 2 out and put them in their own little petri dish, and decided she wanted to ~feed the monster~, and see just how BIG they really COULD get!

And here they are, one day later, EEWWWAALLGHHH!!

They really ARE gushy!
And to think I was changing my kids' diapers every two or three hours! I CLEARLY could have gotten at LEAST 3 days longer in them ~ those puppies suck up some SERIOUS moisture!