Thursday, May 04, 2006

Ahh, if only I could dress like the STARS ~

Ok, I am not one to do this normally, but, I just COULDN'T pass up the opportunity to point and laugh here.
Aside from the garrish tin-foil reflector-mode jeans, those large, astonishingly clownish polka dots festooning crimson vest (a non-matching shade to her dress, I might add) and a glistening chest, and the spate of sweet Elizabeth Taylor-esque features, including khol-rimmed eyes, a slight mustache, failed-botox lips, & piles of goldilocks adorning his head, one must endure the self-satisfied smirk emanating from this special little man.

However, (and this is what prompted me to post this in the first place) if you look up to the right hand corner of the picture, right next to Charlize's lovely coiffe, you will see a black gentleman( whom, I might add, is dressed very nicely, and NORMALLY) totally DOUBLED OVER in what I can only assume to be a thoroughly GUT-WRENCHING guffaw!
(If this is hard to see, try clicking on the picture, it will take you to an enlarged version.)
Yes, that gentlman made my day! :-D