Monday, October 17, 2005

A little Appreciation ~ Hurricane Katrina

I feel for the Hurricane Katrina situation, but I just have to say something ~ why should the government be the only responsible parties here? Why is it the government that should suck up all this loss? Because you know what? When you say ~government help~ what you are really saying is ~taxpayers dollars~.
Now, I would FAR prefer my taxes and such to go to a good cause like this sad state of affairs in New Orleans and else where that has been hit by such devastation. BUT ~ I just think people should realize that when they are out there demanding ~The Government~ to get into action, they are really demanding the rest of the nation. Again, let me stress this, I would FAR rather have my taxes and such go to devastating events like this , but, let's not forget who it is that funds ~the Government~.
I think it's more up to each state to be somewhat self-reliant in helping their own out, and when that is exhausted, other states lending a helping hand. When does the responsibility of the state of Louisiana come into play? Why aren't all these folks from New Orleans calling for help from their own state? Hate me if you will, but demographically speaking, seems to me like more than just ~The Government~ is responsible here.
Also, I was willing to open my home to a family that had to relocate, and now has a job in this state, and now will live here, and raise their family here. So please don't think me a callous cad ~ I am helping out in all the ways I can, BUT, I also know this to be true ~ if you're too good for someone, you make them good for nothing.
And in so many ways, it just defies reason that folks are already back to partying it up in the French Quarter, instead of getting down to business and helping out those around them. When the twin towers went down in New York, all of New York came to eachother's aid, and because of their ~rebuild, renew, redo ~ attitude, so many many others joined in to help them out.

It hurt my heart to see so many sad images of what Hurricane Katrina did , and it hurt my heart even worse to see so many sad images of how so many of those folks reacted~ looting, shooting, etc. I saw a picture of a whole parking lot filled with boxes upon boxes of clothing, donated for the victims, and you know what, it was all torn through, laying all over the place, scattered, stepped on, looked as though it just wasn't appreciated! It blows my mind that NO-ONE had the initiative to organize sizes and at LEAST put stuff BACK into the boxes so that others could use it! I actually read a commentary on someone saying what a shabby lot of clothing had been donated~ you know what?? economy isn't all that great right now ~ MAYBE, just MAYBE, the folks that donated clothes gave whatever they HAD ~ oh, yah mean they didn't go out and buy yah all DESIGNER stuff? ~ you know, i am sorry, but dang it, it seems like when folks are in a tough situation, they oughta at least be appreciative of what help is given.
And yah, I know, I am probably going to get slammed for my harsh unfeeling words, cuz I am not the one living through this hell, & you know what, you are right. I DON'T know what it's like, BUT, I DO know that there are a lot of folks out there doing all they can to help, and I DO know that Katrina will be paid for by the rest of us, and I DO know that work is not a bad word, it's a good thing.
I don't normally go off on things like this, because my goal is not to be an inflamatory blogger ~ but I just really feel that people's efforts to help should be recognized as such, and appreciated, instead of decried. I understand that in times of stress, people often act different than they would normally , but you know what? If you can't have a good attitude under stress, then when CAN you have a good attitude, and WHY BOTHER if it doesn't do you any good when you need it the MOST?
I know I have my own issues, and I know that I am not the one dealing with my whole life being devastated, but you know what? You aren't the only ones either!! There are lots of people that have gone through total devastation through no fault of their own, that had NO HELP, and still managed to make it back to a more comfortable way of life. If you think you have it bad, look up information on pioneers, the dustbowl, immigrants, and the pilgrims, just to name a very very few. Crap happens, if you are alive, you are doing well. If even ONE other member of your family is there with you, GUESS WHAT? You are BLESSED! All the rest is just trappings, trappings that make life easier. All that can be had again. Quit moaning, get up off your duffs, and start MAKING things happen again! I SO RESPECT those folks out there that are ACTIVELY WORKING to make their life better! They have taken the initiative to be responsible for themselves, and maybe even for others. That's just part of life, folks.


R2K said...

I blame alot of people for the accident of katrina.

Mostly the local government, and mostly the local people. If every person with a car took out one person without a car, there wouldnt be any problems at all.

Further, if someone had spent the money to upgrade the levy system, again we would not have had this problem.

And also, if the people who first built the city actually figured out that building on marshland is a bad idea, well we also would not have had this issue.

The only person I really dont blame, is mysefl. And thats a good place to be I Think.


Adam said...

I am a member of the varsity debate team, it is unanimous conclusion amongst the members. This entire issue is over with, and it does not need to be discussed anymore. Of course, I'm being rational, aren't I?
That's a very horrible thing to do here in America.