Thursday, November 10, 2005

Well THAT sucked ~ Haiku to my computer & the sucky battery

Maann, I am SO bummed! I wrote up a whole blog on my new laptop, and the battery hadn't charged the whole way, so it was plugged in, and the plug came out, and as a result, I LOST it ALL, because i didn't have it saved~ AARRGGGGGGHHHHHH, what IRRITATION! This irritation is worse than a butt-rash caused by over-zelous use of Charmin, folks. This irritation surpasses a nasty case of scaby-infested, swollen, allergy-ridden misery. In fact, this irritation borders on the down right spiced-curry-Kashmiri Dum Aloo effects coupled with IBS on a sweaty hot day in the middle of August!
AAARRGGHHHHH ~ the blue screen of death has heard me woeful cries, and it does not answer. Tears drop on the $200+ piece of living plastic now reduced to stone.
My naval umbilical to the www has been severed and hung to dry in the winds of ~unsaved data~.
My commemorating haiku ~

In the wind flutters
my data. Say goodbye to
the last three hours.

fear not, O Blogger,
all is not lost as of yet ~
you are still breathing.

The Noh of Data Death
has once again removed
all traces of thought.

Upon retrospect
I have wasted more time on
less important things.

Like writing haiku
to recall poor habits of
battery usage.


Gorilla Bananas said...

I've never had butt-rash, but then I have a hairy butt. My only butt problem is getting someone to pick out the nits. Did you know that the British word for 'butt' is 'arse', Miss Redhead? That's 'arse' not 'ass', which is an animal. I had a British tutor, so I know these things.

Interesting that you like spicy food. I suppose it goes with your fiery red hair.

marcio said...

Oh no!!!! My fear is come true!!!! I was trying warn of you about the baterrie!!! it just get overlook when choose laptop. Sorry you lost your work!! go after the sucker who try sell you this, and demand them they get you really good batterie. Good Luck!