Saturday, January 28, 2006

Well I'll be, I've been TAGGED!

El B has done tagged me, so I guess I better step up my daily efforts of witticism and frittery.

Seven Movies I like

~The Princess Bride
~The Sandlot
~Matrix ( the 1st one)
~All of the Star Wars movies
~Anything with Patrick Stewart, Sean Connery, or Val Kilmer in it.
~The Sound Of Music
~My Fair Lady
~and any Alfred Hitchcock movies
(oops, that's 10... oh well)

Seven Books I Like

~All James Clavell novels (Shogun, King Rat, Whirlwind, etc)
~Anything by David Brinn (The Postman, Earth, 2nd Foundation series, Startide Rising, etc)
~The Complete works (includes The old and New Testament, Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price & D & C)
~Gardening books ( especially if there are lots of glossies!)
~Documentary books on ancient civilizations
~Lucifer's Hammer
~Anything by Isaac Asimov (I, Robot, Caves of Steel, etc)
~Jane Eyre, Great Expectations, etc
(oh dear, that's 9... well, I'm getting better)

Seven Things I Say

~Holy Hannah~
cool beans
Boy howdy
much grass
Please, Thank you, and Excuse me
~Good Grief~
Dang it all anyway
(well, only 8 this time..)

Seven Things that attract me to the City

~So many different people ( i love to watch people)
~So many different cultures
~Fantastic SHOPPING ( that was a no-brainer ;-D )
~Architecture & sculpture
~Huge Museums & art galleries
~Extremely diverse food/restaraunts
~Just plain all the diversity ~ I LOVE it!
(WOoHOo... on target!)

Seven Things to do Before I die

~Visit china (ok, the whole world, I want to see the whole WORLD, muahahahah)
~Have grandbabies
~finish the 3 books I am writing
~Succeed at something (ANYthing!)
~be completely at ease financially, spiritually, mentally (not necessarily wealthy, guru & a genius, just at ease)
~Leave my children and posterity with a legacy of love, knowledge, & opportunity
~go on a mission in my old age

Seven Things I Can't Do

~abide the ~F~ word
~abide leaners and whiners (can't do attitude) (yah, I know, i'm a hypocrite, I whine occasionally myself.. still, whining sucks)
~seem to regain that waif-like figure of so many yrs ago
~get any taller that 5' nuthin
~change other people's opinions/actions/words
~stop being a mother
~look back ~ hindsight is always 20/20, history shapes us, the present makes us, and the future takes us, cleanses us, every day is a fresh new day.

Seven People to Tag

~ooohh aayyeee ~ me thinks el B has done all the tagging~
Lindy, I tag you
and uhhmmm
hey, I know, this will be a REVERSE TAG ~ any lurkers out there, come THITHER, I have tagged you, ( In the comments section, let me know if you have accepted your tagging)


Kim Ayres said...

El Barbudo asked me to include you in his latest Blunt Cogs strip, which is now up on the site if you're interested:

Gorilla Bananas said...

What is all this "tagging"? It looks like a wicked human perversion to me.

A woman with 5 children has already succeeded, Ms Redhead. Get them reared, and everything else will be bonus points.

redhead83402 said...

kim~ where do I send the blunt cog comic strip ideas to? I can't seem to find an email address and it seems tacky to post them as comments in the comment section.

redhead83402 said...

GB ~ TIS a wicked perversion! ;-D
hugs & smoochies abounding! you are a true gentlemanly gorilla, if ever there was one! You seem to materialize at the most opportune moments, with kindness & caring ~ now THAT'S success ~ :-X

SafeTinspector said...

"Anything with Patrick Stewart, Sean Connery, or Val Kilmer"
Are you including the Star Trek Nemesis, the Green Knight, and the horrid Batman flick?
If so, I think you are merely using these movies as the female equivalent of a soft-porn. No plot, heavy on the arousal!