Thursday, August 16, 2007

my semi-blogginess sucketh tis true

And with that, I feel a poem coming on:

My semi- blogginess sucketh, tis true ~
I write only when I am bored or just blue ~
There are those who look on in disgust and distaste
For my blogging days hath been sadly mis-placed.

Indeed you might say,"HAH, look, a new day,
but no entry she gives a'tall."
"In fact, it's quite boring, I WAS all-adoring, but now, pft,
her entries are small."

You'd be right, of course,
in fact, I whole-heartedly endorse
a boycott of such extremes
that this blog ............

ah gee, I just can't finish it ~ any suggestions?

Look at what happens! I don't blog for a while, and VOILA! my poetic powers decline!
Sad, oh sad day!
BUT WAIT!! ~ There's MORE!! IF you act NOW, you TOO can have declining poetic powers! just enter the finishing lines to my poem in the comments section and we will ALSO include declining mental faculties. AND, if you act RIGHT this VERY SECOND, AT NO EXTRA CHARGE, we will also include declining bank account symptom!!!! Simply send $19.95 to this paypal account, and YOU TOO can be a decliner!! :-D (send payment to : )

Holy hannah ~ it COULD work, you NEVER KNOW.........( dee-nee neeeee nee, dee-neeeee-nee-nee...)

AARRGGHHH ~ I'm a blogger FAILURE ~ ok, ok, I know that was harsh ~ too harsh, perhaps. I mean, garsh, I DO blog SOMETIMES. But, like, if my family & friends were, like, depending on , like daily updates and stuff, like, whoooaaa, cuz, you know, I sorta suck at the daily scene.

Well, see, this is the dealio ~ I am going to post another post really really soon. No, really, Honest Abe, I am. Cuz guess what?
I am going to start homeschooling. It's true. Can't deny it any longer. Gonna do it. Can't stand the school system any longer. And guess what THAT means? My kids are gonna be ~all up in your face~ HOMESCHOOLERS. But I don't care. I'm gonna do it anyway. My poor kids were tinged with weirdness the day they were born to me simply by virtue that they were born to me, so...... whhheeeeewww... here goes. Gonna happen. Gotta do it. Can't stand the public school system anymore. I admit it, I used to mock homeshooling, in fact, I have to hang my head in shame, I DID, I really DID. And now, of all the hypocritical, turn-coat, low-down DEALIO's EVER, well, I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna homeschool.

My mother is a retired schoolteacher, my sisters all have teaching degrees, and I .. well , I have a life taught degree (along with some college, I ain't a total gonner :-P). I think they are all disgusted with me, but I don't care, I just can't stand idly by and let my kids be ruined by all the filth and politically censored crap that goes on in the public teaching arena. It's not like it used to be. Now-adays kids can get shot just by being a regular public school attendee. Not to mention all of the other crap they have to endure. I don't want to filter life from my kids, I just want them to live & be able to grow up. So, here goes.

Sorry to all of you who read this blog for the ~Foray into the Woodshop~ posts. I will still post fun, different projects as Tony gets them, but I will likely vent a bit about the whole school thingy from time to time now as well. Such it is.

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Lawanda said...

You are hilarious!

When my fam is all like "Your kids are gonna turn out weird if you homeschool" I always tell them they are bound to be weird anyway with me as their mama! teehee

redhead83402 said...

Lawanda ~ ROFL ~ just don't read the blog entry just previous to this one ( WOW Visitor # 5000 !!! ), you'll REALLY be convinced I'm a nut case! In fact, I have to admit something ~ this blog has been a bit of an outlet for my nuttiness ~ my stupid poetry, inane haiku, and uh, just general mental meanderings ~ hehehe ~ at least I'm not bottling it up, right?? ;-D