Saturday, August 18, 2007

today is monday~ monday bread & butter, it's all the same to me

Today is Monday,Today is Monday,Monday bread and butter,All you hungry soldiers,I wish the same to you~

reminds me of public school, and being ~ on the conveyor belt~ of public education, seeing my kids struggle on that conveyor belt, and feeling helpless to do anything about it.

What are some of the reasons people don't just get so disgusted they walk, & start homeschooling? I know there are many homeschooling families out there that have never dealt with the public system, & so don't understand why so many stay so long in such a broken system. Let me enlighten you & hopefully help other families teetering on the brink of indecision regarding homeschooling.

Because the public education system would have you believe that:

#1) You aren't capable of doing what they do, unless you have certificate stating that you are a professional (who gave all those mothers a certificate of motherhood, I'd like to know! Oh...God did....)

#2) You have no rights as a parent, the school & the government have all the rights, so just get over it and conform already! (anyone in the public school system can attest to this)

#3) Your child will not be ~properly socialized~ if they don't attend public school ( who ever said a Godless lot of 150 13 yr olds is the best place for a 13 yr old to learn how to act morally & become an upstanding citizen anyway?)

#4) Your child will academically suffer from learning at home, in fact, you could never offer your child the diversity that they will recieve with a public school education (in fact, time & again, even by the state standardized testing standards, homeschooled children score at least 95% better than public-schooled children, in ALL areas of testing)

#5) (the biggest lie of all) The public education system is ~EDUCATING~ your child, when they get out of it, they will be able to go on to college, &/or life; happily, with ease, able to make a living & join their fellow ranks of Americans, earning plenty & living the good life, knowing WHAT to think( but not how, don't be thinking for yourselves, there, America!). (This is so sad, because people automatically ASSUME that the only way to educate is to have a professional proclaim you ~Educated~, when in fact, all anyone can actually do is teach, each person must EDUCATE themselves. It is an ongoing, life-long pursuit, and does NOT in fact require any certificates, titles, or proclamations of ~Education~. And what exactly DOES public school prepare you for? Life on the conveyor belt, complete with debt up to your ears, hardly any real-life application {when's the last time you had to take a closed book test of life, were not allowed to get any help, and had to go home and write up 10 pages of completely non-instructive filler, just because you were ahead or behind everyone else?}, and a permanent job at the Walmart or McDonald's.)

If I could offer up just one book to families who are still trying to make the leap, and yet are unsure ~ please, if you can, read this book: " A Thomas Jefferson Education" by Oliver DeMille.

I realize that most of this is not new to those already homeschooling, however, for someone just falling off the public school conveyor belt, and ~de-toxifying~ so to speak, it can be a major revelation!

I just want to add that This is NOT an open attack on public school teachers!! I have a mother and I think all of my 4 sisters who are either teachers or professors in the public system, and they are fantastic individuals, as are so many of the teachers my children have had through-out the yrs. I firmly believe, however, that it is difficult to succeed within the framework that the government & states have built.


Lawanda said...

I think you are so right about the lies they tell you. That whole "you can't educate your child" thing really gets me. Who taught them to read? Who taught them to go to the bathroom properly for goodness sakes!

Yes, I agree with you, most teachers are wonderful people. They cannot help that they live in this system and are trying their best to help in the way the know!

Great post. I will have to check out that book.

Lawanda said...

I have four girls too! You can link to me, if I can link to you ;)

(My main blog is Lovin' Life)

Maureen said...

Great post for the Thomas Jefferson Education Blog Carnival for August.


Lucy said...

(the biggest lie of all) The public education system is ~EDUCATING~ your child...

Amen to that! What a joke! This is definitely going into my standup comedy routine!

Nice coming across your blog, Redhead!

redhead83402 said...

Lawanda ~ Thanks for stopping by! I agree, we must be twinners! I linked to you, both of your blogs, by the way ~ I like them both ~

Maureen ~ Thank you, per your suggestion, I submitted it! I also love the TJED methods, it's one of the methods I use, love & reccomend to every one!

lucy ~ glad to add some humour! ;-D Afterall, if we don't wanna cry, the next best option is a good healthy laugh ~ and I have to admit, I am often too lazy to cry ;-D ~