Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What's in a Name?

That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet.....

or would it? ;-D

Well, we've finally done it! We've named our homeschool! Hmm... you might say, gee, whizzikers, what is this ~ the 3rd week of school & you still didn't have an official NAME?
Well, ................ it's true, we didn't have a name.
So, I put it to the kids ~ asked them what sort of a name they had in mind ~ we had submissions that ran from "Pretty Ponies", to "Stallions", "the Bleeding Eagle Academy" (part of our family coat of arms), "Kool Kangaroo's", "humble Hobbey horses, tenacious termites, voracious victors" (can you tell Daddy might have been involved?!), "the unsocialized ones", (getting very tongue in cheek, here) no-name-bag-over-the-head-school (gee might this have come from the 12 yr old?, of course, so did the pretty ponies entrance ;-D), panic rats (it's getting a little silly now!), Education Academy, Funky Fonic Fonies, (aarrrggggghh, can you say DEEEE-TTOOOXXX), the three amigos, (are we trying to name a band here or a school?), three blind mice ( they all wear glasses), simply school, science geeks, inc., ~ ( who taught these kids how to think, anyway? ;-D )

In the end, we finally lit upon this:
Eaglecrest Academy

The reason is: Our Family Coat of Arms has a bleeding eagle on it, & crest sounded better than cote, although Eaglecote had certain charm as well. Family is our main purpose here. We have a family motto, & a family oath, which we recite at the beginning of each day, along with the Pledge of Allegiance. Upholding family honor, supporting one another, and respecting our past, & those who walked before us is important to us. All these factors helped us to make the decision. Also, we decided our school name ought to have some dignity, and look right when stitched onto a shirt for our outings. (YES!, we have gone on one field trip with the embroidered name shirts! :-D It was beautiful! :-D There is a lot of value in this ~ when they were wearing a shirt with their school name & coat of arms, the kids wanted to represent well in public. Also, they got a lot less "aren't you supposed to be in school?" questions, which cut down on my daughter's stress. The switch from public to home is valuable & worthwhile, but not without stress. She still gets nervous, thinking she is somehow ~in the wrong~ for being seen about town during public school hours. ;-D)
We thought about tacking on " of Learning", "of higher Education", or "for the Gifted", but in the end, it sounded a little more pompous than we felt. (obviously, judging from previous silly entries!)
For their highschool transcripts, however, I may be tempted to add it back on ~ ;-D

So tell me ~ What is YOUR school name, and how did you come up with it?


Stephanie said...

So hello long lost aunt that i never talk to!!!! whats up with that anyways??? Im just wondering how u all are doing since i cant seem to call you!???? I am back into northern territory again, in school and loving should check out my profile...i originally started one then i thought i wasnt using it so i deleted it but now its back. hope you are all doing well. Hit me back playa!

Stephanie said...

Hey Tony!!! Good to hear from you...Sounds like you've been pretty busy. Currently, I am reading my favorite book Their Eyes Were Watching God. I've read it like 10 times and it never gets old. I have read The Picture of Dorian Gray...If I remember right it is Oscar Wilde who wrote it??? Anyways the 1945 movie is also really good, you should see it some time. I think it won an Oscar?? How is work and the schooling going/cousins??
Love Ya Much, Steph


Tracy said...

I never thought about naming our homeschool so I don't have a name to add..sorry. Neat idea though. Maybe I'll research our coat of arms etc and see what we come up with. At what grades did you switch your kids to homeschool? How long ago? just curious I've always homeschooled my kids so they haven't had to make a transition ever but I can see how it would be hard for a child to do.

Lawanda said...

Ours is SO THRILLING! Wait for it...

Kress. Home. School.

:-p Aren't we creative-meisters?!? LOL

Lawanda said...

Oh, but I meant to say: Your name is very good. Kinda traditional, kinda sophisticated. Nice. :)

Holly G said...

Hey Idaho Falls folks!
Sounds like things are going well :). I like your name. The geology trip looked like fun :). Love you all

redhead83402 said...

hey steph!! ~ I hit yah back ~ :-D ~ ( is that like a digital bruising? ;-D) ~ I liked your blog, had to laugh about "the office" ~ I have never heard of that before, it was so dang FUNNY! I may be tempted to actually watch some tv. ~

tracy~ we just switched this year. although I was ready to do it about half-way through last yr, I waited til I could get things together, and so that they could finish out the yr. ( no quitting! ;-D) It honestly was hardest when they were still going to public, thinking about homeschooling ~ once we started ACTUALLY homeschooling, they have truly loved it. Even my 12 yr old, who felt self-conscious about it, still loves it, despite her discomfort. For instance, I asked them just this week if they would want to go back to public, and all three were like " NOOOO, gosh Mom, please, NOO!" (I just asked, to see how they were doing, apparently just fine ;-D ) oh, and they are in grades 7, 5, & 4. And we do a Thomas Jefferson Education.

lawanda~ hey, I like it! it sounds good! Our last name just didn't fit the right cadence, so we had to think of something else.

hello Hollo! ~ ;-D
Thanks! we did have a ton of fun! hey Holly, I know you are a total history buff, have you read that book I reccommended to you ever? If you read the Portable Thomas Jefferson, and enjoyed it, I am thinking you would really like "A Thomas Jefferson Education", by Oliver DeMille. In fact, I just went to a Math Seminar this last weekend, taught by Dr. DeMille, (don't fall over in shock ~ ;-D) and I actually really REALLY enjoyed it!! You know how I am so NOT a math person ~ but it was very fun & informative ~ anyway, that's all for my next blog post ~ "teaching math from the classics".


Stephanie said...

Ha Ha Carol- Hit me back just means like reply or talk to you later. So The Office is a new show..started in 2005 and the new season starts this thursday Sept 27 on NBC at 8 or 9 I don't remember. Me and Holly pretty much love it. It's hilarious!!!! It's also unlike a lot of TV comedies because it doesn't have one of those annoying laugh tracks...Tell your daughter Rebecka to email me back! she always just forwards me stuff but then when i email her she never replys!!! u guys so much.
STEPH peace.

Tammy said...

Hi Carol- I am trying to resuscitate my blog- it is now linked to yours- check it out man.

I like Bleeding Eagle, but I have to say that Eaglecrest Academy has an authoritative ring. I like it!

Your trip to Craters of the Moon looks like it was a blast.

Take care- give your kids a big hug- love Tammy

randi---i have to say said...

We have homeschooled for many years and we don't have a name for our school! Maybe we need to change that.

The name suggestions in the list cracked me up! Pretty Ponies must have come from a 5-7 year old girl, I am thinking? It sounds like something my gal would have thought of! ;)