Sunday, December 02, 2007

The MASSIVE Dollhouse Venture Part 3


All right, I'll bet by now you are wondering just what this dollhouse looks like all put together, since up till now I have merely shown bits and pieces of it.

Here we have from the front, with no molding, no window trimming, no nothing on the ouside yet except a bit of trim around the roof line. This is because it's so VERY much funner to do all that itty bitty stuff on the inside. However, I was reading this book on miniatures by a Marion Mave O'Brien (sp?) and she SPECIFICALLY cautioned about getting too caught up in the insides before you finish the outsides. Boy is she right.

This picture shows the full extension drawer guide that Tony the Wood Genius used to support the front half of the dollhouse when opened. This makes it possible to have 2 kids playing and arranging without knocking elbows.

This is my cheesy mitered trim, Wood Genius was annoyed that I did not fit it better, over that brass piano hinge. I carved it to fit, but, of course, you don't see the words "Wood Genius" in front of MY name. ;-P
Trim still needs to be spackled, painted, etc.

This is my free-handed cheesy answer to Wood Genius being too busy to make a chimney box. Some Day I will add a real box on there, even if it only sticks out 1/4", and paint the stones on again. As it is, I mixed fine sand with the paint to make it a ~stone~ texture. It does feel correct, even if th e chimney sorta swaaaayyyys.

And here it is, open. You can see Kat papered the kitchen in contact paper trim. A little large in design, but oh well. Kat did it herself, and she did a darn good job of it. We found some FANTASTIC websites for wallpaper ~ ~
She has tons of other fun miniature printies there as well.
We will show more pics of the dollhouse after we get some of those prints put up. I think that papering does sucha fine job of scaling a room. Just paint really doesn't seem to translate scale very well.
We also don't have any base or ceiling trim moldings up yet, which will help too.

Here is a shot before we hinged the front to the back and finished the flooring ~ you can see how those little miniatures just seem to gravitate towards the house, regardless of progress on the whole.

Here we have 2 different bathroom versions. I kind of think the teeny tiny terracotta room is just right for a bathroom. (All right, all right, I have to admit it, I was the one that set this & the other bathroom pic up ~ they were just so CUTE, it was hard to resist. But I really HAVE to get that outer trim and inside moldings & papering done.....)

This is the Luxurious Large bathroom ~ too much room, I think ~ I might have to talk Kat into putting the laundry room in here, instead. Laundry rooms can have swirly tile, right? ;-D

Uh oh ~ here you can REALLY see that snasty pattern faux pas in the flooring ~ but I DON'T CARE ~ I am so NOT digging that floor up ... it adds character, ..... it adds character... it adds character.....
Next Dollhouse Venture post will show papered walls and (I hope!!) trim moldings.



Stephanie said...

This be awesome carol!!!! i put some videos up just for you !!!! Hope you like

Corrie said...

My daughter and I have started dreaming about our own doll mansion after seeing yours. Wow!

Sorry about the pneumonia, that's no fun at all.

LeviZoe said...

wow -- this was a joint venture with Tony? This is awesome. You could sell it for lotsa money on eBay....but you might not want to part with it. very cool

redhead83402 said...

Steph ~ Thanks! Kat says thanks too ~ she has really had a big hand in it, as it is one of her major school projects. Also, I DID go through every single office vid you had up ~ THANK YOU ~ Tony & I laughed so hard we nearly had an ~accident~ ;-D

Corrie ~ AWESOME!! I hope you do make one up ~ Wood Genius & I are looking at it as a generational thing ~ someday, the grandkids will get it, ( Kat already has plans about how THAT'S going to happen ~ ;-D) And thank you for the symapthy on the pneumonia ~ I guess at least I was productive, eh? :-D

Hester ~ yahhh ~ but we don't wanna sell it on eBay ~ however, some of the fun miniatures ( which I have kind of gotten carried away with, I admit it ) might be nice to put up ~ :-D

Holly G said...

This is UNBELIEVABLE! I am blown away. No wonder you haven't blogged in a while [the pneumonia might have something to do w/ that, too!] I loved the faux floor, so don't you dare dig it out. I'm still just amazed by this, talent family mom. So, Kat should use this as one of her personal progress projects. --I especially loved the mousy [though we've had too much mousy time lately!] and the luxury lady bathing. I'm kind of dreaming of a doll house, too, now! --So, I'm really hoping that the weather works and out and Tammy and I will get to see you all in a couple of weeks here. Love love, Holly

And keep those pictures coming!

Stephanie said...

Carol, my dear. I posted more of the office....a christmas special, just in time for christmas!!!! hope you like

Pale Ophelia Floats said...

I feel like many (many, way too many) of these pictures are hmmm... familiar?

Perhaps next portfolio Kat can put the relevant pics in a powerpoint or somesuch just so you can limit her instead of just glaring. ;)