Friday, April 11, 2008

Thomas Jefferson Homeschool Method

Well Folks ~
here is one more plug for homeschool ~ This is the method we use at our home, with the eclectic style of application. That means a Thomas Jefferson Education, applied eclectically. Also, once again, I would like to plug the best book I have ever read on homeschooling, called "A Thomas Jefferson Education", by Oliver Van DeMille. I went to a seminar by him once, a Math seminar. I am so NOT a math person~ but ~ at the end of that seminar, I can tell you I was interested enough in the subject to have taken well over 10 pgs of notes, got some excellently reccomended math classic books, & actually ENJOYED the heck out of it!
His book is the reason my husband & I decided to switch over to homeschooling in the first place.

Here is the plug for A Thomas Jefferson Education that CBS did on some folks who use the method:

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Lawanda said...

AWESOME! What a great plug for homeschooling! And it was so true! :)

We are definitely eclectic around here ... LOL