Monday, September 29, 2008

To All the Congressional Members who Voted NO on the Bailout ~

I want you to know how deeply grateful I am to our Congressmen & Women who voted down the Bailout. I do not feel that each & every man, woman & child in America owes around $2500 to these poor business decision-makers. We are already taxed enough. Must we become enslaved for the selfish designs of these people? America is already in such a disgusting debt slump ~ how could ANY truly serving congress member feel as though adding $700 BILLION to our already bent backs is a good idea? Our Founding Fathers are likely turning in their graves right now.

You know, my husband & I just started up a business 2 yrs ago. We have been through some VERY lean times as a result. We have eaten nothing but homemade bread & bean soup, because that is LITERALLY ALL that we had. And the vegetables that we used to flavor the soup was from 35 yr old food storage. Yes, food from the 70's! But do you know what? We did NOT go onto welfare, we did NOT choose to further cripple our neighbors or our nation because of a business choice that WE CHOSE. Our children did not get a single thing for Christmas from us, that we didn't already own. We just gave them some things from our own childhood that meant something to us. We didn't have money for heat through the winter, but we do have a woodstove, so we went to the dump & salvaged wood. We barely survived on just over $11,000 that first year. But do you know what? We HAVE survived it. Our family has grown closer, & we have learned to do without, to live within a budget, and beneath our means. Perhaps the government could do as well.

I do NOT understand WHY people like myself & my family ~ regular joe-schmoe's~ can go through THAT without getting bailed out, & yet there are those in high-standing government positions (even our own President!) who would gladly heap on further taxes to bail out these previously EXCESSIVELY wealthy (but apparently poor money managing) companies. What should happen now? I reccomend looking in the LDS churches Welfare System. It includes people working for what they get, getting help in a DIGNIFIED, ETHICAL way, that actually improves the recipient, rather than just ~bailing them out.~ All work for the good of the many, no-one goes without, but neither does anyone leech off of others, adding further to the burden of all, while some few take it easy, either living off the top or sucking off the bottom.

Again, I am DEEPLY grateful to those congressional members who truly had the people that they serve in their hearts today as they voted AGAINST the Bailout. Tonight we are thanking God for you, & will continue to include you in our prayers that you might continue to serve this nation conscionably!


Lawanda said...

They better jolly well have voted against it, after I emailed my reps and let them know if they didn't they were going to catch flack from a loud mouth constituent ;) haha

And about welfare: I think people who truly are working and do need it, should get it. When I feel down about being on welfare (we are sometimes) I have to think of all the tax dollars my parents have put into it, and how many of our own my dh and I have put in as well. Then I feel a bit better ;)

redhead83402 said...

Lawanda ~ I agree whole-heartedly with you on that ~ I guess it's those folks that are third generation welfare recipients that just drive me nuts ~

I used to know a gal that purposely got herself pregnant at age 17, with a dude that was in jail ( he momentarily got out, her pregnancy got him right back in), and planned it that way, with her mother's help! They knew that they could recieve foodstamps, housing, SSI, and all sorts of other stuff that I can't remember, just because she went & got herself pregnant. They literally planned it out!! I sat with them once, while they bragged about it, and told me all about how they were trying to ~Work things out~ so that her younger sister ( age 16) could get her own housing & etc too.

I was stunned.

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