Wednesday, December 03, 2008

SOAP UPDATE ~ NEW SCENTS ~ Yup! It's addicting!

Here are the soaps I am offering for sale.
All of these soaps are made with pure spring water & olive oil, except for Hawaiian Rains, which was made with collected rainwater.

Here is a dual purpose soap for men who like to hunt ~ it smells like DIRT! It's true ~ it smells like dirt, with eucalyptus & citronella as fantastic natural bug repellant as well. It will hide your own scent, AND keep the bugs away. What more could a man ask for? (in a soap! ;-D)

Zesty Twist

A delightful herb citrus hyacinth blend of natural essentials oils, with green tea added as a mild astringent/ deodorizer. Contains olive & coconut oils, for skin nourishing cleansing, & has no colorants other than what the tea gives it.

Soft Flowers

Carnation, tuberose & jasmine topnotes, with baby powder undertones. This soap is colored with pure, unsweetened crabapple juice, & so may be used by those sensitive to dyes. Completely safe for babies. Made with olive & coconut oils.

My Favorite Bookstore

Café latte topnotes, with hazelnut & cinnamon undertones, as well as a hint of peppermint ~ I named this one "My favorite Bookstore", because it reminds me of that heavenly fresh ground coffee blend scent you get when you walk into the Barnes & Noble Bookstore, right after walking past the cinnamon nuts stand. Men & women alike will adore this soap, plus, it may be used as a shaving soap. The cinnamon helps lift the beard for a smooth shave, while olive oil ensures clean, moisturizing softness.

Crabby Apples

A lovely soft hibiscus scent, with crabapple undertones, not strong at all. Dyed with pure, unsweetened crabapple juice, & incorporating olive & coconut oils, this soap is perfect for anyone! It is full of natural glycerin, & will sooth & smooth the skin.

Lavender Essentials

This soap has the rich, heady aroma of fresh Hidcote lavender, & contains lavender essential oils as well. The slight color comes from pure unsweetened grape juice, & the flecks you see in the soap are freshly crushed lavender buds.Since this soap contains both olive & coconut oils, it is soft & smooth to the skin, & is full of natural glycerin. Also contains a lovely blend of immune-boosting thyme, eucalyptus & balsa mea essential oils. Try bathing babes with this soap & see if bedtime doesn't come a little sooner!

Tangerine Tea

Although a hard bar when dry, it is soft & silky to use, & cleans & softens beautifully. One of my roughest looking bars, but really quite delightful to use. Contains peanut oil (should not be used on someone with an allergy to peanuts) & sesame oil, so is rich in Vitamin E, & very moisturizing. Although I did use a tangerine essential oil in this soap, it barely scented it. Also contains orange spice tea, which gives it its interesting colors. Men like this soap, because of the lack of scent & the moisturizing qualities.

Made with the same formulation as the Lavender Essentials bar, but colored instead with green tea & powdered icing dye. If you have allergies to food dyes, do not use. If dye is not a problem, however, this bar smells HEAVENLY! Like a sweet summer day, as sweet as a freshly cut honeydew melon. It also has the cleansing properties of green tea, & the moisturizing properties of natural glycerin.

Hawaiian Rains

A delightfully soft fragrance, truly the scent of a tropical paradise after a refreshing rain. Everytime someone smells this soap, they say "mmm, it smells so CLEAN." Made with freshly collected rainwater, olive & coconut oils, & colored with all natural liquid chlorophyll, this soap will pamper your skin like a vacation to Hawaii!

Ok, I will update this as I add more soaps ~ And for anyone browsing through ~ Here are the prices:

The bars run $4.50 ea

or ~ 3 for $10

or ~ six 2 oz bars for $10

Also, 1 oz bars are $1 ea, for any assortment of scents you want.

Shipping is $3, no matter how much you buy.

I take paypal, money orders & personal checks.

(The checks usually take a little while to go through, though, not the fastest way, for sure.)

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