Friday, May 29, 2009

Fairy Tree Stump Dollhouse

Well my friends & fellow bloggers, I have taken quite the blogging sabbatical, it is true. Once again, I have done the no-show. You know, it's funny ~ it's one of those blurt-blog things, I think. Yup, it's all becoming quite evident to me now, I am a *Blurt-Blogger*. I blog in blurty spirts. Hmmmm... I could ode that..... :-D (Hmm again, maybe I will change my blog name to that ~ it DOES fit rather aptly!!)

But instead, I will save you all the pain of yet another blurty-spirty blogging ode, & launch into my latest subject-of-interest.

Ahhhh yes, the Fairy Tree Stump Dollhouse!!!!
Here we have the delighted young dollhouse owner, trying on her new dollhouse, before any floors or interior walls were added.

Why, it FITS!!

She's very proud of Wood Genius' (aka Daddy) creation.

Wood Genius is adding some detail, taking off here & there to provvide a realistic ~log stump~ effect.

And now he has the interior fitted, and has begun to add more windows & doors.

Some of the detail on the main floor, tree growth rings & stone steps, all carved to make the piece look as much like a real tree stump as possible.

A few of the side windows & doors. Wood Genius used actual door hinges to hinge this, as it is QUITE heavy.

The main front doors ~ with a carved leaf on the front, and locking bars inside ( to keep out any wandering trolls, GI Joes, and miscellaneous Lego Pirate types..... younger brother does seem to have a rather impressive army of them.)

Here is the view walking into through the front doors. Just outside the window is a swing, hooked onto the large branch stump, of course. ;-D Oh, and it should be noted that that branch stump is actually an opening, for the fairies to take off & return from. They can fly straight out & come back through it.... apparently the front door is just for their little non-flying friends. :-D

This is the view from the side door, with the stump

Here we have another view from one of the windows.

And one more view.

This is the secret lock & key, so that no other humans except the owner can open the stump. Only fairies can have continual access through the fly-in's.

And here is the secret door for the key. (To which Wood Genius later added a carved leaf attached to a leather thong, so that it would be a lot harder to lose. Because even mature little Fairy Stump Owners sometimes have a hard time keeping track of special keys for special doors.)

Ahh, The fairies are especially active at night, & love to light up the stump with parties & fun!

Sometimes they even leave the doors open......I guess these are Idaho Fairies, not New York Fairies. ;-D

And now I have added a little color to the piece. Yes, it is still a little loud, because I haven't brushed it down with a dark wash.... all in time, my little ones, all in time.....

Once I get the wash added, I will accent a few of the rooms, and finish coat everything in a matte top coat, so that the wood doesn't stray from expansion or contraction.

Ahh, here is a better view of that Fly-In branch stump. The fairies really dig that, you know. It makes it so that they can be in (& out of) their abode without human interventions. Quite handy if you are a Little People. Unfortunately, the swing had to be removed because of painting, but the pesky humans will soon be finished with their ministrations, and the fairies can get back to partying like they prefer.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is amazing

Anonymous said...

Sorry "wood genius", you and "red" will have to try harder to offend us down south if you don't want us following your blog.... or you could just not post anything for oh, say 5 months, then we might just think you forgot about us!

redhead83402 said...

LOL thurmite ~ yah right ~ I tried oh-so-hard.... :-D

AND... that is EXACTLY why I decided to change the name to ~BLURT Blogger~, because let's face it.....I blog in blurty splurty spirts!!

Lawanda said...

But they are always enjoyable Blurts ;)

I do worry about you every now and again, but I know your habits by now ;) hehe

That is a LOVELY doll house!! Wood Genius and YOU did and amazing job!!

Kim Ayres said...

Wow, that really is something special!

twinshiner said...'s about time for another 'blurt' red.
the doll house is certainly a masterpiece of creativity and a dream come true for any young lady. thanks for sharing.
aka...another red headed blurt blogger. lol

Anonymous said...

This is INCREDIBLE. I need one. or three!

Suzanne Dargie said...

That is absolutely stunning! I build dollhouses.....but nothing like THIS masterpiece! Your husband IS a Wood Genius!

Brittany said...

This is beautiful! I have two toddlers who would be in heaven to own something like this. Would the "wood genius" have tips for someone who wants to attempt to replicate something like this :)?

Kimberly Evermore said...

This is amazing!!!!!

I would also love some tips! I have been plotting a similar design. Have some tree stumps ready to go lol