Friday, January 14, 2011

Facebook Sucked My Brain Out

But thankfully, I was clever, and never did join the ranks of ~Farmville'ers, Mafia War'ers, & the Host of other Idle-Time Passing Games~.   Had I done so, I may never have come up for air.  What is it with Facebook?  Well, I have a little theory ~ it's like the biggest chat room you ever saw, with pictures, friends, friends of friends, friends of friends of friends of friends, suspended reality, suspended time, heck, even suspended belief!  You can stay in your protected little circle, sorta safe-ish (ISH!!!) for kids, you can connect with long lost family & friends, or you could meet all new people.  For the most (ish!) part, people use their real names & identities, so you don't feel like your neighbor JoAnna Smith is really Bubba down at the county jail..... The perks go on.   
But OOOHH, how it sucks your brain out!
I once spent an HOUR and a HALF on Facebook.  To ME, who doesn't even like watching tv, that's a Looooooong time ~ an embarrassingly looonnngg time.
So, in an effort to pull myself out of the whirling / yet vascilating / yet fascinating social vortex that is Facebook, I have decided to blog again. 
Here's the other dealio with Facebook ~ you get feedback.  I mean, let's be honest, my fellow bloggers, you look over at the visit counter & you see 36 thooouuuusand visits, and you have only 3 people amongst them who cared enough to even make a freakin comment??
Of course, it's hard to blog on Facebook.  It's so very superficial, you might say.  And I would agree.  Bloggers are NOT that superficial, you might argue.  And I would agree again.  But Dang-it, we bloggers are TIGHT with our commentary, & you ALLL KNOW IT! 
Heck, I'm sorta tight with my commentary, and anyone who knows me on blogger thinks I'm a freakin Chatty Kathy with loose lips, where-as on Facebook, I can't seem to comment enough.
It's a strange dilemma, to be sure. 
At least I DO know that with BLogging, once I've written it all out, I do have a certain sense of fulfillment, whereas with Facebook, I have found that if you write beyond the five lines that automatically show up in the comment area, NOBODY reads it.  How irritating is that?
Sort of like the difference between eating at home ( blogging) ~takes a bit longer to prepare, but it tastes good, & 2 hrs later, you are still full ~  & eating out at McDonald's (Facebook) ~ immediately satifying, but follows you around all day like a baaaad reminder of a POOR choice. 
So yah~ there yah go ~ confessions of a blogger/sometimes Facebooker ~
Facebook sucked my brain out.  But can Blogger give it back?
Although this helps, it's still not enough.  I need mental stimulation!  AAAHHHHGGGGG.
(Sorry, my little bout of cabin fever has grown into a slightly more advanced case of ECF ( Extended Cabin Fever ) it's gone beyond the need for crafty knitty crochet-ish dollmaking woodworking sewing eBaying projects & moved right into the MUST. HAVE. SUNSHINE. SOOOOOOON. stage)~

All righty then.  A little weird, true.  BUT I NEEEEEEEDDD SUNSHINE! 
You know, only the severe lack of sunshine could possibly force me over the edge & into Facebook-ishness.
You know, oranges are a sunshine fruit.
Don't you ever just smell an orange & feel a little more tropical & sunny?
Me too.
Ok, then. 
All righty.

You know what I saw the other day, that sparked a bit of imagination?  These vintage sewing books by Martha Pullen, called Sew Beautiful.
What else fired up a bit of thought?  Google the words Yarn Bombing.  heheheheheh
I think those ladies ( & a few gents) must have a bit of ECF going on too.  And perhaps a very laaaarge ~Stash~ as well.   Hmmmmmmmm.  Now there's a thought, eh?


Larson said...

In an effort to encourage you in the blogging arena, and to try to get you to leave the world of Facebook behind, I am leaving you feedback. Granted, I didn't read the WHOLE post. I kinda got lost somewhere in the middle of it - but I will leave you feedback on what I did read!!!! Here's to leaving Facebook! That way you can chat with me about the stupid amigurumi/crochet stuff..... Which I blame on you, by the way!

Larson said...

Oh, and on a totally unrelated note, I think that we should all start buying seeds to share in the garden. Okay, so that would only consist of you, me and Holly - but still. I would call and tell you this, but it is late, and I am sure you are sleeping and not spending HOURS looking at stuff on the internet, right?????

Kim Ayres said...

You can set up your "Notes" on Facebook so they import your Blog posts too.

But you're right - the 2 formats fulfill different needs.

I managed to avoid the Farmville /cafeville /mafia wars games, but am caught up in Scrabble and a couple of other word games