Saturday, October 20, 2012

Some New Felties ~ Soft Toys ~ Sewing Kits, plus RedWork or Turkey Red work

ok! new obsession ~ (Along with the felties, of course!)  I started looking around for some cool 1920's & 30's line art, to be converted into redwork (which is just simple stitch embroidery done in red thread, or blue, or black or green..... but they call it redwork) to add to my felt creations and I suddenly realized something ~ I have all the resources necessary to create MY OWN ~ hahahahahah. Yes, I know, it should not have come as a surprise, and yet it did. So, my next blog entry will probably be a few cute nursery line-art templates for redwork. In the mean time ~ Here are a few pics of a few things I have been working on.

This little "doll" is actually a little sewing kit!

This pattern is one that I modified from a 1980's Japanese Ondori felt crafting book. 

I just filled it with a few dollar-store sewing kit items as well as some quality needles. 

And this little Peacock purse is also a sewing kit, from the same vintage Ondori book, & again, modified.

This peacock kit is made of the cheaper eco-friendly felt, whilst the Kimono Doll is made from vintage wool felt.  One of these days, I am going to invest in one of those massive wool felt bundles ~ but it's difficult to admit to oneself that you just dropped $87 on a box of felt squares...(especially when the cheapo-kind is for 37c ea sq.).... so I haven't done it yet.  I guess we'll see how the peacock holds up against the doll,  & purchase accordingly.  If it seems to make a huge difference, it will be worth springing for.

I've also been busy with theTabatha Naomi Books ~
I truly love her books ~ if you are a felty freak, you might just love them too ~ so I will provide a link so that you can see them as well.  Tabatha Naomi ~ if you google her name (Tabatha Naomi or Naomi Tabatha, either way works) you will get a list of her books.
Hello friend!

I wish I had a piece of lettuce!

Frolicking & gamboling about the phone.  Yes, these are perfect key-ring size.

I just love this little boy doll ~ I am going to make three more of him in different colors & use them for ornaments.  He is only 5" from the top of his pompon to his little buns.
On a side note, this little boy & his big sister doll are both out of the vintage wool felt.  Yes, I know what you are thinking ~ (Clearly there is a difference already in using the cheapo plastic-y felt as opposed to using the nicer wool felt, you made the dolls, which will be used & abused out of the tougher, better quality wool felt.... so why don't you just go ahead & BUY the wool felt bundle?  Do it ~ SPLURGE ~ clearly it's worth it!!)  Hmm, you may be right, I may be wrong, I just may be lunatic you're talking to.... but I am a cheap (no, PRACTICAL!!!) lunatic, you see.  Alas, you have a point.
Of course, you WOULD justify my splurge, afterall, you are reading this blog, & therefore are very likely as badly addicted to craftiness as I am.  ;-D

This hand-stitched felt doll is actually 2 different patterns meshed ~ I have other clothes cut out for her, but I haven't finished them yet.

Still missing her hairbow ~ Did you know that Doll hair via embroidery thread is somewhat tedious?  I also glued down each strand, so that it would stay put, but left the ends free so that they can be braided or put in ponytails or whatever.  And I'm not entirely thrilled with her bangs ~ they aren't long enough, but I don't want to re-do them at this point ~ call me lazy. 
Ok, next entry, will be my line-art for redwork ~ which I think I could mesh nicely with my little felty fetish.


Janna B said...

How cute~ and very creative!

Dawn said...

There is life after felt food!! You've given me some inspiration for when I've completed the super market I seem to be trying to fill.