Thursday, February 14, 2013

Felt Food Fetish Gone Overboard

Well, I've been busy.  ;-D  Our family has been undergoing some interesting changes lately ~ my oldest daughter got married off, my 2nd oldest daughter moved away to college, my third oldest daughter is still at home, but she is gone to work full-time half of the week, my fourth daughter moved to my sisters house to nanny for 3 months, & my son is largely self-directed in his school-work.  Which has left me a lot (LOT) of time on my hands.  Yes, you might say I became an almost instant almost empty nester.  How strange.  Is that supposed to happen at age 41?  I suppose when you have 5 children in 7 years, you must expect that while they were all babies together, they will all be adults together too.  You just never think it will happen so fast.  Little word of wisdom to the young mama out there?  Hold them, talk to them, play with them, read to them ~ because tomorrow they really will be grown & gone. 
And so it is, that I have enjoyed my children for so long that they are no longer children ~ My youngest baby is 14! 
And so it is, that I have been busy.  Pretty REALLY busy.  (OOoooohh, the grammar, the grammar!)
If you would like to join me on a little tour of my latest obsession ~ Felt Food!!!
The picture above is of a chocolate cupcake I made for my sister's son.  Since he is 5, I not only stitched the toppings down, but I also glued them down, too.  Hence the wonky chocolate stick.  And yah, by the time I gave it to him, the pins were out of the pink cupcake liner, too.  ;-D
This is the chicken nuggets snack tray I made for my little niece & nephew.  Since they are both younger than 5, I made only pieces too large to fit in their mouths.  There is an apple wedge, some potato wedges, boiled eggs wedges, & chicken nuggets.  I thought it would be pretty funny to include an actual chick as well, since, believe it or not, some kids don't know where meat comes from.  Not that that is true with my sister's kids ~ I just thought it was pretty funny. 

This is a "little ham" sandwich, complete with bread slices, lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, cheese, & of course two "little hams".

"Little Ham" sandwich was made for my niece.


Here is a fun little box sewing kit that I designed & made for my youngest daughter.  My theme this year for Christmas for the kids was sewing related, which is also why I made the two 1930's needlebooks shown in my previous post.

Just enough space to hold some pins & needles, a thimble, measure tape, tiny folding scissors, a small case with snaps, frogs & butttons, & even 3 decorative cardboard pieces with thread!  I admit it, I just love making these little sewing kits up!  Right now I am in the process of makng up a tiny bridal emergency kit.  I will post that when I am done.

Up next is a small fruit medley ( not sure why I didn't include the banana in this pic... oh well, I think it's in one lower down).  Apple, orange & peach.

Here is a bit of chocolate cake.  When I first starting thinking about how I would make this, I wanted to stick to stitching everything on, but these just weren't going to have the body neccessary for the right look if I did that, so ~ I finally broke down & glued them on.  And guess what?  The world didn't fall apart!  Glue was GOOD!  I have since decided that there is a place for both stitching AND glue, both can give good professional results.  Anyway ~ I didn't give this cake to anyone, it was mainly a way to work out the little glue revelation.  So, there you go, hope that helps someone out there.  ;-D

This is a little banana cream cheesecake tear-drop cake.  I didn't make this for anyone either.  I have always just wanted to make cheese cakes that looked this awesome & it turns out that if I make it out of felt & foam, instead of sugar & cream, I can!

Ahhhh, the daikon radish.  Does anyone else eat these or know what they are?  I made this to include in a gift of felt garden vegetables to a dear friend & her children, but before I could wrap it all up, so many people asked me what the heck this was, that I just decided to leave it out.  So, here it sits, by itself, sometimes gracing a round cook-pot that I also made. 

Now this fun little venture I actually made to sell in my Etsy shop, because I figured maybe someone would love a cool tea-cup pincushion as much as I do.  It's pretty sturdy, as I used cardboard, foam & fluff, along with both glue & stitching.  Who knows if it might go to a child, for play, so I had to make certain it would be safe.

I'm not sure which was more fun, with both the teacup & the next three, though, making the items, or shopping for the perfect gift boxes to go along with them.  The teacup comes in a little green polkadot box, & I just love the apple box, too.

This little confection was very fun to make, as well, but I have to say, I LOVE the tiny hat box I found to put it in! 

Ok, here is the pic of the banana.  This is a great little toy, as the skin actually comes off, & leaves you with a peeled banana!  Even my 14 yr old son thought that was pretty cool.  (Hey, it's hard to impress 14 yr old boys with felt food... they only want real food... oddly enough.....;-D)

This is a little cooking pot, the frame is cardboard.  I actually used eco-fi felt on this pot, & I have to say, one thing about the eco-fi felt ~ if you mess up or think you might make a mistake, (because, say, you are making a proto-type) you feel no guilt.  It's cheap.  Really cheap.  Sadly, it's also cheap.  Really cheap.   But regardless, it does work well for proto-typing, which is what we have going on here.

Some "noodles & green onions" for the pot.  ALMOST miso soup.......ok, so more like less-cheap ramen noodles.  As long as we are having fun imagining......

These pieces are like the Japanese version of dim-sum.  I'm not really sure what they are called, but I think most are supposed to be little decorative rice cakes or sushi.

My husband says "Why would you make fake food that you don't even know what it is?"  Well, duh ~ because it looks so cool!  Yeah, so that's a little lame-o ~ slame-o ~ so what, they DO look cool!

See, here is the thing ~ I get these Japanese felt food books, & I can understand the patterns & making instructions, but since I don't read more than 3 words of Japanese, I have no idea what they are called or any of that.  I DO know that these three little doo-hickey's are supposed to be sushi balls.

And the present, rabbit & cookie are supposed to be rice cakes of varying natures.

Now this, I don't know.  I am assuming it is a lotus wrapped sushi.  I really don't know.

But it DOES look cool!  Can you imagine eating this?  I think the Japanese present their food even more beautifully than the French.  This could be basically rice & seaweed, but who would care?  It's gorgeous!

And based on the way the book has you make this, I think it is also a type of sushi.

Here is a little hot pot or wok that I made, using mainly cardboard & felt.  I think that in order to make it sturdy enough for children to play with, it should probably be made of a very thin pressed packing foam, instead of cardboard, however, as it can still bend a bit more than I think would hold up well with regular play.

Salmon & noodles!

ok, here's the real miso soup!  You have bamboo shoots, salmon strips, seaweed, green onions & noodles, bits of cabbage, & green beans for garnish.  Ok, so that's not QUITE miso soup either, but I think we're getting closer.

Here we have some felt food hot pot goodies.

Little clam bits & tofu, kippers & salmon wraps, water chestnuts, tuna rolls, & some other stuff that I can't quite identify.  (Again, however, they looked so nifty in the book, I just had to try them out!)

If you know what they are, can you please leave a comment? ;-D

 Here are some miniature Japanese snack items.  I think these are their version of sweets.  I think I should make sure all of my sweets are this tiny ~ possibly, my hips would be tinier as well.  ;-D
The rice dough bun ( called pork buns, I believe) is the same size as the other sushi pieces in the pics above ~ hopefully you can see just how minute these little guys are.

Rooster head pork bun felt food

A teensy tinsy felt almond cake

 An even tensier, tinsier felt rabbit rice cake.  I am going to call it a felt rabbit, anyway ~ my husband thinks it's a mouse, but the whole concept of consuming a mouse under the guise of sugar is just a little .... different for me.  Mouse is not food.  ;-D
Well, this is the end of my felt food tour for now.  I still have some heart cakes, a few more pincushions, & tarts & what not that I have not pictured, but I will save that for another post.
I hope you have enjoyed browsing through my latest obsession with me, please feel free to comment or come again another day.  :-D


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Dawn said...

I just love all of your felt foods! I've been making some for my grandtwins who are getting a play kitchen for Christmas. It is just so fun I can't seem to stop. Instead of cardboard, I've been using plastic needlepoint canvas. It's really sturdy and won't bend like cardboard does. It's fairly inexpensive too. I bought the stiffest one they had.

redhead83402 said...

Dawn, thanks for the awesome suggestion! I have now invested in some plastic canvas from ebay, and you are right, not too expensive, and far better for holding shape if they are to be played with. I would love to see a pic of your play kitchen! I am making one for my grandson this year for Christmas as well. I think i will make a post about it when i am done. Do you have any tips about it that you'd like to share?