Thursday, April 19, 2018

scrappy vintage look 1930's quilt ~ I'm calling it Cascading Diamonds

So I have a new obsession ~ well, two, really. :-D I love a good old vintage sewing machine, and I love a colorful scrappy quilt! And do you know what? These two obsessions can happily chum about hand in hand quite successfully :-D

This is my current quilt top that I am working on (still need to sandwich and quilt it), and the two machines I worked it on.

This is some of my fabric selection ~ I used "dear little world" by quilt gate, as well as "arbor blossom", "child smile", "little heroines", "windowsill garden", "nana Mae 1 and 2", & lazy days". 

This is my 1950's Japanese badged Brother, with its perfect scant 1/4" presser foot (which also works quite well in place of a walking foot for machine quilting.)

This is my 1950's Japanese badged Remington,  same featires, but sadly the tension unit crapped out mid-project,  and I retired it to work on it another day.

These are the sweet little fussy cuts that I framed up. The little squares are 2", and the rectangles 4" X 2.75". The strips are 1.25".

Putting the blocks together. 

I used several different focal blocks ~ some are the fussy cuts

And some are 9 patch on point.

And some are 4 patch on point.

All in all, it makes for a fun, scrappy "Cascading Diamonds" 1930's sort of quilt. :-D 

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Nemo Beeno said...

I just discovered this blog entry when beginning a search for images of 1900-1930 children's fabrics. Because: I have a very old and fragile scrap quilt that contains some obviously children's patterns in plisse; many other pieces are lawn and look like 'shirtwaist' or summer dress patterns that may actually be Victorian; Edwardian for sure. If you know of a good place to research these patterns, I'd love to get the info! To me, this quilt looks like a good 'research' object for fabric artists.