Wednesday, January 04, 2006


My post today is very simple. I decided to go ahead and include one of my real poems, just to see what ya'all thought.


A book in a woman's hands
is a beautiful thing to see ~
a lady reading nightly
to a child at her knee.

Teaching generations
of scholars yet to come,
the joy of forever learning ~
ne'er beneath an ignorant thumb.

For in that child's eyes
is the light of yesteryear,
the joy of present tales,
and the promise of futures near.

And the hopes that there are fostered,
and the vision that is seen
by the child nightly kneeling
makes the woman a royal queen.

For she bestows the love
of adventure, knowledge and light
upon that kneeling child,
each and every night.

~Cara Mia~


Gorilla Bananas said...

That's a very maternal poem, Ms Redhead. I like the first and third verses best.

redhead83402 said...

why thank you GB!! I take maternal to be a compliment. :-D

Manuel Estimulo said...

Is very beautiful poem, Redhead83402. Makes me very melancholy but also happy.

Dr Maroon said...

What do you mean your real poems? What's wrong with the other stuff?

SafeTinspector said...

I love to read to Sam. I've read to her since she was 6 months old.
She's 4.5 years old, and still can't read much more than her own name (though she recognizes all the letters and loves counting stuff)

We read in her bed, and she gets three stories + one bonus story for good behaviour. (Santa be damned, bad little girls get THREE stories instead of FOUR)

I look with pride at how completely beat-up all her books are.

Loved the poem.

redhead83402 said...

Manuel, I am glad you like it! Why melancholy?

Doc Maroon, hah! yes, the other stuff I have been posting is off-the-cuff spur-of-the-moment whatever happens to pop into my head... and you can see that that is precious little and not exactly uhmm,, well, rocket science. ;-D

redhead83402 said...

Mr T ~ We must be parents , eh? We have always read to our kids as well, and quite frankly, I think all of them are brilliant! ;-D But if nothing else, it lends the child a ~safe haven~, where they can basque in mommy & daddy's attention. Of course, there are myriad other benefits... like all the teachers at school will know you read to your kid too, because they will be one of the few children who actually know how to sit still and listen. Believe me, it has been a boon to every one of my kids...

Still chuckling over the pride of beat up books... my kids also have a GAZILLION books, and while they aren't tattered, they ARE used ~ well-used. Each of my 5 kids has their own bookshelf ( literally a huge bookshelf) in their rooms, and then we have several down in the front room, one in the tv room, and two down in the basement.... my daughters think we oughta open up a library....

ROFL ~ wv: codmlffj

Manuel Estimulo said...

Is melancholy because children become big.

Also because I have no childrn and am a man,s o I cannot take part in this beautiful vision you write about.

Marcio said...


cannot sleep.... and I am on chat right now... yahoo... hope I find you... miss you .... :)


El Barbudo said...

OK Red, here's a chance to put something on my site where you can be responsible for the content. A new online comic strip – Blunt Cogs – is underway and could star you, if you want to create a cartoon version of yourself and/or fancy writing a strip or 2. Visit for more details

El Barbudo said...

Hey Red, you've still not sent something over to Blunt Cogs yet. Are you interested?

SafeTinspector said...

My daughter got her first comic book over the weekend. A Mickey Mouse comic.
Egads, you'd think it was made out of crack cocaine. I want to STOP READING IT TO HER.....she has different ideas.

Hey....where are you?

El Barbudo said...

OK Red, I think I've found a version of what I reckon you probably look like:

SafeTinspector said...

El B: Jessica Rabbit is so sparkly!