Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Haiku heaven ~

Well well well ~ Another day, another day ~ here is my offering du jour ~

Haiku to gray

Snow falls ever lightly
gray shadows cast all about
faerie drifts abound

Haiku to sunshine

sunshine brings green life
the crocus dares peak out of
frosted coverlets.


is life worth living
when dark clouds hover
and joys cease to be


The hole grows larger
emptiness in triplicate
a vast abyss now


Monstee said...


Three numbers today
seven, eleven, thirteen
I won I won yay

redhead83402 said...

Cookies forever

woohoo Monstee boy
great success oh hairy one
happy love and joy

marcio said...

Oh!!!! How I miss thee.... How I miss my redhead!!! Is been of so long I even got chance chat you and hear you nice laugh. I also been on so plenty travel, I not got chance blog. But I have more stuff I have talk about. Find me please... miss you!!!!

Gorilla Bananas said...

The last two are powerful and sad, Ms Redhead. I hope they don't reflect your current state of mind too literally.

redhead83402 said...

Marcio, I too have been extremely busy of late, but I would love to chat. I may be about this Saturday, (for longer than 2 minutes... ;-D) Perhaps we can have a little tete~au~tete then? I miss you too, but I am glad you stopped by to say hi! Take care, my friend!

redhead83402 said...

GB ~ ack, it's true,, I was in a very dark moment when I keyed those last two haiku ~ I have been a little blue lately, maybe a lot blue.... I guess I am just not used to taking care of the house and kids, being PTO pres, taking care of my church responsibilites, trying to get up my website for my jewelry, ANd working a full-time job. It sort of caves me in from time to time....

Gorilla Bananas said...

When things are difficult, Ms Redhead, every day successfully navigated is an achievement. You are doing great things.

Dewmun said...

you should have used the picture that you posted for March 18th on Hot or Not, you would have kicked your hubbies butt.