Sunday, February 26, 2006

Spring Haiku


the sun rises up
to greet the new day once more,
fresh, cocksure again.

A bird sings sweetly
the joyous descant to life;
gracious little friend.

Icy waters run clear,
the sun has banished cold and
Ever-present snow

Soon the buds unfurl
revealing delicate life
awakening now


Monstee said...

Me close me eyes and
lift me face to springtime sun
me fall in the mud

SafeTinspector said...

I'll tip my decanter for the birdies descanting!

Gorilla Bananas said...

That's more like it, Ms Red. Some joy has returned to your soul, which makes me glad.

Kim Ayres said...

Am I right in guessing that the sun came out today?

redhead83402 said...

yes, GB, so it has~ thank you :-X smoochies to ye, sir!

redhead83402 said...

lol kim, yes. Sunshine seems to matter to me, on a chemical level, even.

fatmammycat said...

Oh Miss Red, so glad you are feeling in better spirits again.

Dr Maroon said...

Yes, I too am happy that the Sun's come out again for you. Great stuff.

Life can be a bit like living in Scotland. The weather can be utter shit, but if you wait, (usually about an hour and a half) you've every chance of some sun.

Then hail, then more rain, then some drizzle, bit o' fog, little bit of sun again, snow, then some more sun (if it's summer), then some more hail just to prove the point, then, well you get the picture.
I should work for the tourist board.

ps have replied at CtR as well.