Monday, March 20, 2006

Fabric of Life

It's strange, how people can be connected in different ways ~ as though life is a never-ending loom of fabric, with each tiny weft and weave contributing to the wholeness and value of the cloth itself ~

some people are bright swatches of color, little external embroideries, bright sequins or beads.

Some are the strong supporting silk threads underneath and throughout, not really seen , but so very necessary to the fabric as a whole.

Some are the thick strong weft threads, that help hold the shape and density; some are the warp, thinner, weaving in and out, creating myriad patterns through-out, both over and under.

Some create a fanciful border, making the edges beautiful and rich, while some prefer to be center stage, smack in the middle of the piece ~ a dazzling center-piece, for all to admire. Still others prefer to travel all about the fabric, surfacing a little here, a little there, leaving color and design wherever they go.

Each thread has a purpose, each thread contributes to the whole. Whether the piece be tiny, and barely visible, or bright, loud, and overbearing in places, still each is a part of the whole tapestry. Each thread gives color, depth, strength, thickness, warmth, value, class, or beauty. Each thread is beautiful and necessary, however short or long it be. Each thread belongs to the whole. Each thread matters. Together, each thread forms a length of fabric that could not have otherwise been.


Gorilla Bananas said...

I suppose the unlucky people are found in dishcloths and towels. And what kind of person gets to be a piece of thread in someone's knickers? (Not El Barbudo - he is a handkerchief.)

Dr Maroon said...

Weaver of life, let me look and see,
The pattern of my life gone by,
Shown on your tapestry.
Just for one second, one glance upon your loom.
The flower of my childhood could have fit within this room.

Ignore GB, Miss Redhead. At this time, all our thoughts turn to Mother Africa. It's much worse for him. I believe he could be in Must.

redhead83402 said...

ROFLL ~ GB, really....,lol ~ ( such an astute gorilla, at least El B can be thankful he isn't the threads on a cloth baby diaper [nappy], though i sometimes wonder, what with all his piss and vinegar).

redhead83402 said...

doc E~ lovely verse! ( what is Must?)

SafeTinspector said...

Some of the pictures never loaded for me, but I see a lady in a large throw-rug. What are the significance of these pictures?

Dr Maroon said...

"The Must" is when male Indian elephants get a dose of the horn. You cannot work them, indeed they are to be avoided at all costs.

Think Spock slapping Kirk about when he is ready to mate. (Spock not Kirk)

SafeT, if you read the post, the corellation will reveal itself. I got it so it can't be that hard.

SafeTinspector said...

Doctor, you have once more shamed me. I will re-read with an eye on learnage.

redhead83402 said...

lol , doc, gotcha! I shall tip toe about GB most carefully.

And Mr T ~ harumpphh! :-P They are pics of fabric, different weaves of cloth, and such.