Saturday, March 18, 2006

Guess What? Chicken Butt!

~See how enthused I am? :-D
Well, ya'all, I am SOOOO enthused ~ beCAUSE, I have finally finally FINALLY gotten my other weblog/site/whatever you want to call it UP & semi-RUNNING! Hah-HAH! And THAT, my fair friends, is a big deal.

Therefore, I celebrated hugely, and treated myself to a small reward or three. Naturally, I still have much work to finish, however, the fact that my squinty little brain was able to accomplish even THIS much is quite a cause for celebrating.

Indeed, I believe the moment calls for a haiku:

Exquisite Indulgence
The hours slip away
yet the journey gives pleasure
exquisite results.


Gorilla Bananas said...

Some of that jewelry might look more impressive if you were modelling it yourself, Ms Redhead. I hear jade is very popular in China. Have you ever eaten chicken butt?

SafeTinspector said...

Very pretty. If I were into the bling I'd swoon.