Saturday, October 07, 2006

Marching Forces of Wooden Animals

SafeTinspector said...
The massed forces of the wooden bears made terrifying progress as they cut through the hapless civilian population of Boulder on their way to Mile High Stadium. It was only then that they realized the weakness of their race when the butane lighter struck....

Mr T, I want you to know that this is my husband's favorite line, every time we get a load of those bears going! In fact, he quotes this "It was only then that they realized the weakness of their race when the butane lighter struck.... " on a regular basis, especially when we are torching the bears.

I have been a litte bit busy of late ( ok, so when am I NOT busy? It seems to be a recurring theme on my lack of posting issues, eh?) but I DO have progress to share!
check it out, this is the new website I put up.

Yes, I know it's only a piddly little microsoft publisher affair, but that is the most this 106 IQ-er can do. :-D

If any of you have higher webdesign skills or know how to make listings come up on google, etc (SEO stuff) we would trade a bear for it. Or two. :-D
Even suggestions would be nice.
I've noticed that html code strings don't work well with microsoft publisher, on the other hand, I can see what I am creating with it, instead of a string of code. (This is what happens when you have limited brain capacities, it tends to make your mind want to EXPLODE with frustration and annoyance!)

Ode to the Bears

O wooden bears
of wooden hairs
& torched black little buns

Your website's bad
it makes me mad
& I haven't had much fun.

I must admit
I've cussed at it
& screamed "What have I done?"

Adding meta tags
& site feed lags
are among the things I shun.

I see now
those SEO's make funds.

Who wants to sit
and work at it
When they could be having fun?

Did you see
my last rhyme was just done?

My brain is scrambled
I'm afraid I gambled,
And lost out on the pun.

ughh ~ time to stop odeing ~
I'm done.

For anyone that made it this far on the ode, I am truly impressed, you must be one TIRED BORED person, and I thank you for your rapt attention, it's harder and harder to come by of late. :-D

Just for that exercise in patience, I will post a pic or two of the rapidly increasing bear populace gaining momentum in our garage, eh?

Or maybe not ~ dang thing won't load up ~ oh well, click the link, and be AMAZED at my website building PROWESS! ;-D

Marching forces of wooden animals


SafeTinspector said...

You are using "Publisher"?
I think you aught to look into "Frontpage". That's the Microsoft web-site building tool, if you wanna use the Microsoft tools.

Otherwise, you could use a blog engine and modify the template to be specific to your husband's carving. You could publish it to the web host you are using and it wouldn't need to be "" it could be ""

Gorilla Bananas said...

I wish I could help, Ms Red. But I do enjoy:

Your funny rhymes
Worth many times
The bears' black little buns.

Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...

The carvingman site is great, Red! As is your odery. I'll have little black bear-buns in my head for the rest of the day, now.

I don't know anything about websites, I'm afraid so this is a frivolous rather than a helpful mail. SafeT knows his stuff though. I'm sure he can help sort you out.

These bears are great, and I really like that squirrel carving on the carving page too.

Kim Ayres said...

NO!!!!!!!!! NOT PUBLISHER!!!!!!!!!

Yuck! It creates the worst code ever!

I can probably give you all sorts of advice on web design & marketing as it's what I used to do for a living. You can pick up my email from my profile.

SafeT's right though - if you can't get hold of a copy of Dreamweaver (the best web tool) then you can at least do stuff with MS FrontPage, or even modifying a blog.

redhead83402 said...

Wow, thanks, you guys! I TRULY appreciate it! I have been trying to pick up a copy of dreamweaver, is there more than one edition available?
And yes, Ayres, the worst code on the ENTIRE PLANET ~ just for the record, and not only that, but its STUPID code ~ ARRGGHH
Well, at any rate, I shall get back on it.