Monday, March 06, 2006

Winter DOES have a silver lining!

Here are some lovely mementos of the colder season. These are, in my mind, the silver lined lemonades of winter:

<<~~(I think that is really a sculpture ~ if not, well, perhaps a timely example of what can happen if you indulge a touch over the holidays ~ ;-D )

and THIS final thought on winter, snow and ice:


Gorilla Bananas said...

It shows a pleasing lack of vanity to make a sculpture that you know will soon melt. Does a woman that shape feel cold in winter?

Dr Maroon said...

These are excellent. I always like looking at people's snowmen. Who's made the effort, who's put the carrot in the wrong place, who went to the bother of finding coal for the buttons, stripey scarf. Oh yes, we're pretty fussy round our way!

happykat said...

my toes are numb!

SafeTinspector said...

Where were these taken? Did you have a recent contest?

redhead83402 said...

GB: hehehehe i don't think so, sadly, a woman that shape has insulated herself against a great many things, cold perhaps being on of the more benign.

Doccy M: :-P

happykat: thankfully no foreign boobie though, eh? lol,lol,lol

mr T: These pics are from all over the US and Canada, and I think one is from Germany, or something. I just collected them off the net, cuz I was being a picture-filcher. Mainly, it was an excuse to post the screw winter pic, cuz I am feeling particularly irrascible about winter lately. It's a stretched on a tad beyond it's welcome.